"Happy Easter . . . "

Me.  in the mid-1970's.
First Methodist Church, Mississippi. 


And Happy Easter to everyone.  (btw, yes, I have the most vivid memories of that over-sized navy gingham shirt.  as well as my favourite cream linen blazer.)



Julio Muao said…
Happy Easter Scot!! love the picture. So handsome and stylish.
Babs said…
Look at you!! How cute.. oh, sorry, handsome. Remembering when everyone used to dress up for Easter Sunday and the church would be packed.. and Easter lilies.
Wishing you a beautiful Easter,
Unknown said…
Happy Easter to you and the ones you love!
You looked good then and now!
My youngest so has exactly the same blond haircut as you had then, perhaps 12 years old?

Merlin said…
Hmmm, what goes around comes around...you look pretty darned stylish (RL lookout!) "HOPPY EASTER" franki
Anonymous said…
handsome and quite the tart!
Happy Easter to you too, from Milan (almost over here...)
quintessence said…
A fashion plate even then!! Wishing you a wonderful Easter!!
Aahh, bet your mum was mighty proud! Hope you had a lovely Easter, love Linda x
Dumbwit Tellher said…
Priceless! Linen and gingham, you were stylish even then. Hoping you had a great Easter Scot.
Anonymous said…
Oh how chic! I think it is so wonderful that you remember that favorite shirt.....and jacket.

What I would give for my very favorite sailor blouse!

I remember insisting that it "still fit"! and if I had managed to get it on........it would have had to be "cut off" of me!

Bravo! You were and continue to be adorable.


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