08 April, 2011

"The Grass is Always Greener . . . "


Sometimes design inspirations come from the simplest places.  It can be just as easy as opening your front door.  And then opening your eyes.

And behold . . . .

SMW Design, East Hampton Residence
(photo credit - Scot Meacham Wood)
Sheila Bridges, New York, NY

"Do, Re, Mi."
 from The Sound of Music
SMW Design, Mountain View Residence
(photo credit - Eric Tagan Hooten)

"The Green Room"
The White House, Washington DC

Sherrill Canet, New York NY
Ralph Lauren Advertisement, from 1984
SMW Design, Presidio Heights San Francisco
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

Jon Hamm and January Jones, from Mad Men

South Hampton, NY.  June 2010
(photo credit - Scot Meacham Wood)

Kelly Wearstler 

Oscar de la Renta for Lee Jofa
Design by Miles Redd


Sue said...

Love the Hampton residence! I remember getting a Christmas card from the White House many years ago that featured the Green Room all decked out for Christmas.
Great inspiration out your front door.

debra @ 5th and state said...

inspiration is everywhere, one just has to have the ability to "see"

and you scott possess that ability, in spades


Scot Meacham Wood said...


Thank you!


Scot Meacham Wood said...


That Hampton project will always be one of my favourites!


La Maison Fou said...

You are so right Scot.
Our eyes can be open but we really need to see what is in front of us! Good observations.

Sarah said...

True that inspiration is all around us, but one has to be open to it. And talent such as yours makes it happen. LOL The Hampton residence is exceptional. Do we get to see more of the inside sometime? Thanks for sharing the beauty! ~ Sarah

quintessence said...

I am so loving green as well!! I just added a major infusion to my spring wardrobe - next is at home!!

designchic said...

Wow...the East Hampton residence is amazing!! Love all the greens. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Scot ~

Merlin said...

YOU are the MASTER! Totally cool. franki

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

What yummy grassy green-ness!

Maggie O said...

Wow, lovely greens. Tartan one day and green the next - how lucky are we!! Thanks for all the inspiration...I am now going to "open" my eyes and see what it is that "I" can see. Your sight is brilliant.

Marie Söderberg said...

Well..the hamptons recidence...to die for...
..I remeber Jimmy Choe said the same tjis..when I ask him were he gets his inspiration from doing his shoes, He just smile and Said- the inspiration is everywhere our beautiful planet:)..great words..all the best / Marie

Unknown said...

Oh, Scot, what eye candies! E.v.e.r.y. single picture!
Thank you, you put my day in the right direction!

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