"The Score, Love All . . . "

Bradley Cooper, Movie Star

This is just a simple celebration of a few days of bright sunshine after what seemed like weeks of dreary, rainy weather.  Windows at the house are wide open - letting some much needed fresh into the house.

And it's got me thinking about the outdoors . . . 

Maybe even some outdoor sports . . . .

(photo credit - Simon Upton)

Cary Grant, Movie Star

Rayban Sunglasses.  

Me.  Sun-ready.
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)
Robert Redford
Don Draper, Mad Men.

Wide brimmed hats.  

And some beautiful breezy, summery rooms . . . .

House & Garden, June 2004
(photo credit - Francois Halard)

Patrick Wade and Dave DeMattei, from the SF Chronicle
(photo credit - Peter DeSalva)

Outdoor entertaining.  

SMW Design, "Garden Party"
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

Tobi Fairley, Richmond Showhouse

Henri Lartigue 

Barclay Butera, Los Angeles

(photo credit - Scot Meacham Wood)

Tennis star, Boris Becker

House & Garden, June 2004
(photo credit - Francois Halard)

There's just something perfect about the feel of slightly sun-burned legs on wicker chairs . . . 

SMW Design, East Hampton Residence
(photo credit - Scot Meacham Wood)



Creategirl said…
Yay for summer dinner party, tanned legs, gorgeous rooms AND Bradley Cooper! You have made the snow outside fade from my mind for just a few seconds. happy weekend!

I always end up writing to our own weather patterns here in dreadfully unique San Francisco - sorry for the overtly bright, cheery images when y'all are still struggling with snow!
Unknown said…
This is so springy! I love it!

Unknown said…
You have the most delightful way of getting me in summer mood....
Those lovely white and blue and gold colors of July days and nights!
Perfect on this gloomy Fool's day!
soon the summer is here:) i love the outdoor arrangment../Marie
katiedid said…
Hmmmm....I think I like the first photo best...no wait...it has to be that dapper man in the sunglasses. Yes. Definitely.
Splendid Sass said…
This post is perfection. I love all of these images, but the first one is my favorite! Just perfect! LOVE the wallpaper and the bed!
Becker looks great in his duds.
Babs said…
Bring on Spring! I love the vintage photos. Are you doing a post for Tartan Day, April 6th?
Have a nice weekend.
Karena said…
Scot, Oh what a great array of springtime images, I adore Tobi's room! Great post.

Do come and enter my Giveaway from the Zhush!!You will love it!

Art by Karena

Just you wait 'til April 6th. *grin*

quintessence said…
Oh I can't wait - I originally meant for spring and all these beautiful images but now can't wait for Tartan Day as well - will most definitely be on the look out!!
Alicia said…
The scent of suntan lotion, freshly washed linen & hell that yummy picture of Bradley Cooper... now how do I get the bliss of whiffing him this summer???? If only...love the post.
Unknown said…
How sharp all the guys look....something about a man in shades!!

The East Coast is SO ready for some warmth and outdoor entertaining.....I'm thinking we'll be there in 1 month! Better start planning a cocktail party!

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