19 April, 2011

"Cabin Fever . . . "




(pre-recored voice)  "Greetings.  Thank you for calling The Adventures of Tartanscot.  Unfortunately, we're not here right now.  If you need immediate assistance, you can find us relaxing at our over at Bubble & Squeak today."  Click HERE.

We'll be right back,


Anonymous said...

nothing but a header far as i can see

john in nc

Anonymous said...

whoa Scott you look so divine what a fab snap! love the post I love masculine spaces they make me feel more girly I think. Spent all my vacations a cabin in the snow even in June. My dad hailed from Utah even though this city gal grew up in Atlanta I love me some cowboy.

Victoria said...

oops the second anon me

THE BASIC Magazine said...

Great picture of the outdoor cabin. Makes wish I was riding a horse now in Montana.

flowers on my table said...

Enjoyed my little stay in your mountain cabin, feeling chilled now.It is a great photo of you I agree. Happy Easter, love Linda x

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