"Interior Design Train-ing . . . "


Since a great many of us have royal weddings on our collective minds, I thought I share some of my own thoughts about weddings . . . and dresses . . . and also design . . . remember, as we proceed proudly into the future - the entire history of design follows behind us . . . 

So - here's some interior design advice . . . from the center aisle . . .

Just because it's simple, 
it doesn't mean it isn't amazing.  

Not every fierce wind is the enemy.
Be prepared for moments of magic. 

Be yourself.  Even if it means 
wearing a bird on your head.  

Keep your eyes forward - but, don't 
forget to turn and acknowledge the past. 

Be unique . . . 

. . . Because you always know 
what works best for you.

Remember - sit down.  Don't forget that your 
body and your soul need nourishment.  

And always be kind to those fine folks 
who support your creativity.  
You'd be lost without them.

Toasting the royal couple,


We haven't heard much about Prince Edward and his wife lately, the Wessexes, but they made an attractive bride and groom.
Well put! You have the most endearing post. Grace Kelly is stunning.
Oh.. you've said it all, my friend! It's amazing!

Gorgeous and wise!

Have a great day!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com
Lady M said…
Wonderful words!
A.J.Barnes said…
Makes me want to have a wedding! Maybe not!

Can't believe I'm just finding your blog...better late than never...and I'll be a loyal reader from now on!

quintessence said…
And like a dress, simple can most certainly be amazing- couldn't have been said better!!
Claudia Juestel said…
Scot, did you see India Hicks' special about her experience as Diana's bridemaid? She is the second on the left in your last photo.


an intelligent segue on life, celebrations and design, well done scott!

noticed a comment above from a.j. barnes, if you get a chance take a look, believe you will enjoy his topics and writing style.

Unknown said…

All the best is always ahead of us and all the rest is always behind us.

Royal cheers!

Scot, I loved this post! Loved seeing all the "princess brides". My daughter got married in Sept., and although her dress was SOMEWHAT plain, it sure was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! As is she!!!! She also is graduating from college TOMORROW (at the age of 40)!!!!!! I am so happy for her, excited fopr her and PROUD OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pinky
wedding fever all over bloggosphere :)) nice to se I love weddings and really looking forward to see this tomorrow :)/Marie
Pinky -

Congratulations on your daughters graduation tomorrow!

So wonderful scot! Loved this post. I so remember Lady Diana's Royal Wedding and watched it when I was 13, I was in Africa at that time. I'm now in Texas and my sister and law is having a High Tea in honor of the royal wedding. I've purchased my attire and am excited about watching with all my friends. Great nuggets of wisdom! Thanks.

Karen said…
What a fun post! So nice to see the beautiful brides in anticipation of tomorrow!
I loved your post, so beautifully put and photos so carefully chosen.I was married for the first time in the same year as Diana and we were the same age, it is very sad to think that she won't be here to see her son wed. However I think it is wonderful that Kate has taken Diana's ring. Enjoy the big day over there Scott, I certainly will be drinking it all in! Love Linda x
vignette design said…
What a great post. Loved seeing the photo of Jackie and the President. She was so beautiful!

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