"Brollies and Tweeds . . . "

Greetings again,

Firstly, I hope everyone had a great (either incredibly productive - or maybe even better, massively unproductive) weekend. Mine was, blessedly, a good balance of both.

And we continue our "Love Letters" tour through the alphabet this afternoon with another of my favourites. Now as many of you know, I worked in fashion (for Ralph Lauren) forever (well, for 13 years at least) before opening my own interior design business - and men's (and women's) fashion has always been a big part of my life - and of my design inspiration.

Now - years ago - on one of my regular trips to London, I wandered into a tiny little men's clothing shop over on Jermyn Street (in the Mayfair district). And it has changed my life.

"H" is for . . .

"Hackett of London"

Now, I do believe that I've prattled on about Hackett on this venue before - but, frankly, it could use repeating. And you should understand that my wardrobe (let's agree to say that it's somewhat extensive) usually falls into a few simple categories.

In the summer, I love all of my clearly American preppy clothes. Tons of madras. Brightly coloured cashmere sweaters. And a healthy dose of spectator shoes and topsiders.

But, come Fall - I go English. Way English. Heavy tweeds. Thick fair isle cardigans. Chocolate brown velvet slippers.
And, as our weather is just beginning to transition, I've got Fall - and a BIG dose of Hackett - on the brain.

And, outside of the amazing clothes from Hackett - I LOVE their ads and photography.
A book was published several years ago, Mr. Classic - by Jeremy Hackett, and highlights a great collection of their images.

Enjoy. And dream of the rural English countryside with me . . .

And a few 'city' dreams as well . . .

The Hackett Store in Dublin.

The Hackett showroom in Tokyo.

And Jeremy Hackett, himself.
And for a link to Jeremy's wonderful blog.
Click HERE.

And now for the bad news, there are no stores in the US. You can find store around the world HERE.

Cheers (and cheerio),

ps. and just as a warning - you'd best bring your appetites tomorrow. seriously.


Splendid Sass said…
Agree with you on Hackett of London. the photograph of the first store is gorgeous. Brown of course.
lisa golightly said…
I am totally smitten for the English look too ! Counting the days til I can roll out the tweeds and riding boots. Great post !
Toad said…
His blog: http://www.jeremyhackett.com/

Thanks for the link. I've added it to the post under Jeremy's picture as well.

laney said…
...goodness...i want to live in the store...
AlwaysMe said…
Wonderful. Now where is the female equivalent? Still looking...
niartist said…
smart and sexy. Love it! Thanks for the intro. loving your "letter days"!

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