11 June, 2010

"The Prayer . . . "


Each morning. As I first open my eyes. Before I have my first cup of tea. Before I even brush my teeth. I look into the heavens and in a voice still hoarse from slumber and question, "Why! Why aren't there Hackett of London store in the US?!?!?!"

Nothing would make me happier.

To celebrate Spring with classic, English-styled men's clothing.

To greet Fall with jaunty wools and tartans.

Please, please - I promise to be one of your best customers.

Hope springs (and Spring 2010) eternal . . .



Jacqueline said...

Could not agree more! It would be wonderful to see men dressed this way instead of the ugly, baggy, baseball capped look I see so often.
I'll add my vote to your voice Scot!

Anonymous said...

A nice looking line of clothes, but for American men to dress like that, they would look (as a Brit might say)"a twit"!

Reynolds Still said...

Oh to be Brit, men with good taste. Enjoyed the introduction to this company Great Tartan, thanks for sharing!!! I too would enjoy their line of incredible men's fashion.

Best regards,
Reynolds Still

Ms Smart said...

Ou handsome. Great style.

Landon Shockey said...

Brillliant! One must get over for a shopping spree quite soon!

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