"Wait, Where is Dinah . . . ?"


Hey y'all. Let's just cut-to-the-chase on this one. Basically, there is just a collection of 'design-porn' for today's post.

'Cause, seriously. "K" is for . . .


Whew - which is YOUR favourite?


Madina Aryeh said…
Love the one by Dossetter although it's not my style at all. I kept that photo for a very long time and just looked at it once in a while.
The entire apartment by Miles Redd was awesome.
Spockgirl said…
Hmm...Black, white, cafe au lait, stone, wood...John Jacob Interiors, P. Joe Shaeffer and Michael Smith... Just might inspire me to tidy up my kitchen.
Deb's mind said…
Just move me into to John Jacob's.
Pinky said…
John Jacob's for sure. Love the black and white and the pops of green!!! Now, if I could put the stone wall in there....perfection!!!!
Splendid Sass said…
Love them all, but i believe that Michael Smith's design will win this one for me. Great post, as usual.
Gwen Driscoll said…
Love them all. Hope you are well.
It's a toss up between Roman and Williams and Suzanne Kasler but the Miles Redd green is certain to wake you up in the morning! Love the title except now I am going to be singing that damn song all day long!
Love the John Jacobs...K porn for sure!
Two comments for two posts:

J--Jacobean crewel: I just removed the moth-eaten crewel curtains from our study. I wanted so badly to salvage them somehow, but alas.

K--You didn't give us an "all the above" choice, did you? Well, if I have to choose, o.k., the Susan Dossetter kitchen. Ironically, I have featured almost every one of these images on my blog over the years.

Hope you are doing well!
Pigtown*Design said…
haha! i just got the dinah reference! fee fi fiddley-i-o
I love that people love the Miles Redd kitchen when it is so small and ordinary (in only the best way) and easy to copy! We can, of course, only dream of a huge space with every fancy detail.
I also believe that many folks with the Perfect kitchen never use it.
La Boheme said…
Who doesn't love a good dose of great design porn? Nice selection! xoxo
Robin said…
Not related to subject - sorry!

Do you know anyone who would like (free) a 1950's Ladies Home Journal book on decorating? It is a mix of traditional and mid century modern. Also two small books on building fences, gates and patio roofs from the 60's that are extremely mid century in look. I need the room on my bookshelf.

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