19 August, 2010

"Confirm Request . . . "

Greetings all,

*the scene opens in a darkened apartment*
*early morning*
(two characters, one in the kitchen. one in the living room adjacent)

Him: Coffee's almost ready. What do you want for breakfast?

Me: Maybe some eggs? Or some oatmeal . . .

Him: I'll make some quick eggs, I know you need to get to the office . . .

Me: Perfect. Thanks!


*floor creak*




"F" stands for . . .

I guess we'd have to take at least one major stop along our way through the alphabet to recognize the almost overwhelming presence of social media in our lives. For good or ill, I firmly believe that it's here to stay. But of course, the same was said of the rotary telephone. And the covered wagon. And "MySpace." So who knows.

I still remember riding back from a camping weekend with friends three years ago - and heard for the first time about 'writing on someone's wall.' I signed onto Facebook that very same evening. It was fun. I had a couple dozen friends. And we would chat with a fair amount of regularity. Occasionally 'defenestrating' each other (look it up! lol). It was great catching up with people that I had worked with. That I had sung with in operas. Friends from High School. But now, I'm fascinated with this completely new level of contact that social media gives me with people that I might never have know any other way. Designers from around the world. The enumerable other bloggers that I know on facebook. Industry people. And many of you.

I've been part of several conversations recently discussing the contrast between Facebook and Twitter. I'm on Facebook. And on Twitter as well. But, when all us said and done, I'm more of a facebook kinda guy at this point. It seems to be where I do the most 'chatting.' The conversation is easier for me to follow - and to take part in. Twitter feels more immediate, like a 'news feed' spreading information incredibly quickly, but so much of it moves so quickly it can, at times, be harder for me to use. And because I'm not at a computer for long stretches of my day, Facebook fits my life much better.

Are you on Facebook? On Twitter? I'm curious if there is one that you prefer over the other - and why?

click HERE for SMW Design's Facebook Page.

I'm also intrigued by the new film, "The Social Network," coming out in October. This one if clearly on my calendar!



ArchitectDesign™ said...

I hate both but participate LIGHTLY with both. I feel you have to to stay current!

diane@onlinefabricstore said...

You hit the nail on the head. Facebook is easier and friendlier in my opinion. I am a ghost blogger for several designers and am busy all day tweeting, commenting, writing on someone's wall, blogging, etc. but have not figured out how to digg, stumblupon or network vibe. (sounds like I am smoking something funny!) My favorite has to be blogging because it seems to reveal a bit more about the people behind the computer. Will be interesting to see where all this social media stuff goes. Is it just a fad? (nah)

Pinky said...

I am on Facebook and really enjoy it. A great way to catch up with friends I don't get to see and stay in touch with close friends and family!

Teresa Hatfield said...

I have a Facebook page for myself and my blog. I have a twitter account that I post on, but I favor Facebook much more. reat post.G
Teresa (Splendid Sass)

Linda Merrill said...

What you said. Twitter is just fluff, Fb has more substance. Looking forward to the movie too. Love movies set in Boston (Cambridge)!

tartanscot said...

I'd love hear from some of you who prefer Twitter as well - (and I know who some of you ARE!)

I actually tried to get this conversation started on both Twitter and Facebook a few weeks back - and neither seemed to be the right place - hopefully we can chat here . . .

Deb's mind said...

I am a facebook junkie much to my husbands dismay. He just doesn't get it. I am meeting so many people and networking in a way that I find non threatening. I am brand new to the design industry. Facebook allows me to really see what people in the design industry are writing about and thinking about on a daily basis.
Great question....Great blog.

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