"The Coldest Winter . . . "


"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."
Mark Twain.

I think the high today is supposed to be a blazing 58 degrees. And I needed to wear a sweater to the office. And a coat. And a hat.



Not fair. Not fair at all, lol.
Jeannine 520 said…
Terrible isn't it? It's nearly 1pm and it's still dark, grey and windy. I can't believe I had to turn the heaters on in the middle of August.
Rick said…
Unbelievable. But if you'd like to experience some heat and humidity come on down to Houston.
Y'all - I grew up in Mississippi - I KNOW from heat and humidity . . . lol!
D.B. said…
That is one of my favorite quotes as I am a huge Mark Twain fan and the only time I did visit S.F. I froze! We stayed at a B&B known as the Bishop's Mansion (on Steiner) and had a movie night in bed - VERTIGO!! I am in love with that city and can't wait to go back!
Anonymous said…
Poor dears! We had a cool front come in Dallas, Texas today also!
It is 96 degrees!
Tina Ramer
Oh, I love those photos. That second to last one could have been taken from my roof, it is was very very high, lol!

May I repost? My readers (i.e., my family!) are on the east coast and don't get how awesome the fog can be!

Habitually Chic said…
We should do an apartment swap soon. It's been 90 degrees everyday this summer and today we had another heat advisory day. Hard to look chic when you have sweat dripping off your brow!
Beryn said…
Never mind the cold: these are amazing photographs! Anks for sharing them with us.
hello gorgeous said…
Lucky you. It's steamy for real here. I love M. T.
Deb's mind said…
Stunning photographs!! I am lucky enough to have to drive over the GG bridge every month or so to see my daughter who is at Sonoma State. You are lucky to see it daily....plus in 58 degrees weather you can wear as much Tartan as you want! :) I just launched my blog. Check it out www.amindondesign.com
Cyndia said…
I can (somewhat) sympathize with your plight, but then I step outside my own door into what is yet again another unrelenting 100 degree plus day in North Alabama. I will gladly trade with you anytime, or at least for the remaining month of summer!
Hard to complain when you live in San Diego but the sun has disappeared from here also. Growing up in Monterey I thought living here would be warmer but this summer reminds me of cold summer days spent on Carmel Beach. Oh well...we could be somewhere in the Midwest right now longing for a drop in temp so I guess I will stop complaining. Beautiful pics,though.
Vickie H. said…
OMG!!! While we are sweltering away in 100+ temps day in and day out down here in Dallas!! YUCK!!!
Please FALL: rescue me!!!
Claudia Juestel said…
I got an email the other day from a sales person in on of the showrooms stating that he was growing mold on his body. I can't wait to run off to Europe.

But thanks Scot for cheering us up with these wonderful photos.


vignette design said…
This is the coldest summer that I can remember. Even on the Peninsula and the wine country it's cool. Maybe fall will be better!
I feel kinda badly that we're all complaining about how cold it's been here this summer - when, clearly, most of the country has been trapped in horridly oppressive heat.

But, seriously, I would like to wear shorts at least ONE day before the rainy season sets in . . . lol.
Anonymous said…
Too crazy! It has been like that here in San Diego too! It was the coldest July in 77 years. Finally this past week we saw the sun and it is starting to warm up. Hope it starts to warm up there in the coming weeks!
Amy Meier
*Chic Provence* said…
Yep we are freezing on the Peninsula too, had the heat on last night. Down comforter, etc...didn't even bother with tomatoes this year...

your photos are GREAT! however :)



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