14 August, 2010

"Perchance to Dream . . . "


Well, I'm assuming we're all exhausted from yesterday's post about early morning workouts on the beach - so I thought we'd take things kinda easy today in our "Love Letters" series. Maybe something relaxing. A place of retreat. A place of dreams . . .

"C" is for . . .

"Canopy Beds"

I've always had a fascination with canopy beds. I think a lot of it has to do with the 'safely' that they infer through the creation of the boundary that surrounds and protects you whilst sleeping. So many of our childhood fears seem to leap from the corners of a darkened bedroom. And for me, these beds provide a fortress against all that would harm your slumber - and the perfect place for a long night's dream.

from the "Heiress Collection" for Fall 2010.

One of my favourite all-time images.

I wish you all a pleasant night's slumber tonight . . . and a productive weekend - even if your only plans are to curl up in bed and read blogs and design magazines . . . lol.

And if you awake hungry - we'll most likely have a little something on Monday to nibble on . . .



Teresa Hatfield said...

Love all of these beautiful beds, but the Ralph Lauren and Vincent Wolf beds are my favorites. Amazingly beautiful. Have a great weekend.
Teresa (Splendid Sass)

vignette design said...

Great images of canopy beds. I have always been fascinated with canopy beds too and love climbing into ours. It's fun to change out the drapes with the seasons. Right now, I have it dressed with white gauze panels. Enjoy your weekend....Will we ever have warm weather again?

Mona Thompson said...

Love the Vincente Wolfe and Ralph Lauren images as well. Scott, I posted a give-away that I think you would love to win as well as a link to your blog. Visit my site to check it out.

dolly said...

wow.. so dreamy.. now i feel sleepy :)

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