06 May, 2009

"Toad Hall"

“How do you take a log house and introduce the fabulous?”
Suzanne Kasler

Good afternoon,

Just working in the office this afternoon and taking a quick break . . . and the new Architectural Digest comes through for me once again. Just look at the this amazing home in the Smokey Mountains, perfectly designed by the always pitch-perfect Suzanne Kasler.

“The (homeowners) love architecture and design, and because of it, they really push the envelope. Working with them is special, because you get to do things that are unique. They pay attention to the details of everything."
S. Kasler

Seriously, how amazing would it be to spend a quiet afternoon out by the lake? Maybe it's just the good-ole-southerner in me coming out . . . lol. The property is comprised of several structures to accommodate any number of guests. But, they are all ready for every form of entertaining.

Classic Southern style paired with classic English design. I love the balance of the soaring ceiling height with the much more 'personally-sized' furnishings in the master bedroom. And when you have the glorious colours of the Smokey Mountains waiting just outside the windows, I love the use of the simple, pale textiles.

I hope you've enjoyed your visit. Close the gate on your way out.


Margot said...

despite all the fabulous she put in I can't quite deal with the dark envelop -- even with the insanely high ceilings still feels like a cave to me -- a fabulous cave but still kind of cavey. Love SK though and am currently swooning for the place she did in South Carolina that's in Veranda

Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

This is incredible! Love love love it!!! Great ceilings!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Wow -it almost likes me like a log cabin LOL. I just can't get past that though! I can't wait to see this issue :-) Everyone is always hating on A.D. but I love it!

tartanscot said...


I actually love the contrast between the dark rustic spaces and the light European flair of the furnishings.

but, the best part is that we all have our own reactions to interior spaces . . . lol.

thanks for stopping by!

tartanscot said...


I guess my true hope is, if I were Max Sinsteden, this is what my childhood fort that I built behind my parents house would have looked like . . lol.

Linda/"Mom" said...

* TS~ I am so glad you posted this (maybe I SHOULD have renewed my sub to AD, after all!).

I agree w/ your response~~~ Personally, I am totally enchanted w/ these spaces... (it's easy for ME to LOVE THEM tho, as ANYTHING w/ stone, glass & natural elements of all types speaks to my soul. Think that's why I love our desert home so much!). SK not only did a magnificent job creating these spaces, but she obviously ALSO truly LISTENED to what would make her clients HAPPY... and they undoubtedly are!!!

Linda in AZ *

tartanscot said...

Hey Linda,

Thanks for stopping by. I do think it's great that this project feels quite different from the other SK projects that I'm familiar with - it DOES mean that she's truly working with the individual clients.

LadyeLisa said...

That screened porch is to DIE for!

. . . and the colors in the living room . . . and the bedroom fireplace!

Thanks for the detour.

GrannySmithGreen said...

Where to start...I adore the work of Susan Kasler. I spent some time at the fabulous Blackberry Farm recently. She was responsible for a fair amount of the design work. I relished it all! This certainly has a similar feel. I love it all. I could weekend there anytime. It feels good. I really think "feeling" is the key to any interior. Anyone can follow the "rules" but it takes talent to make a space "feel" good. Way to go SK and TS for recognizing this great talent!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Renee Finberg said...

i wanna go and live in that house for a summer!!!!

i love this place , so warm, cozy & fun !

Karen said...

Beautiful setting! The Smoky Mountains are just magical. To live there must be heaven . . . thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Mel's Cabin said...

I love Log Cabins...so restful...God's Country Home...
Mel's Cabin visited you...stop by and see my cabin....when you're blog hopping...

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