30 May, 2009

"The To-Don't-List . . . "

Good afternoon,

Greetings on a warm afternoon here in San Francisco.  I hope everyone is having a quiet, or perhaps productive, weekend - or maybe both . . . lol.  I know I have a few projects around the house that need completing.  But, I'm being very specific about having some 'down time' before the new week starts.  Inspiration only seems to come to me when my mind stops working a billion miles an hour.   So, no over-scheduling.  No chore/errand frenzy.  Relax.  Be quiet.  See what happens.


and don't forget - the voting booths are still open on the California Home & Design "Best Dining Room" contest.  I'd appreciate any support you can give . . . I'm #23.


Sandra said...

Thanks for the reminder!! I just voted again. I do need a daily reminder ;-)

Mary said...

Great plan - I'm too relaxed to even finish the sentence

Scot Meacham Wood said...

YAY ! thanks Prep!

Laura said...

Very wise...I suppose that is why so many strokes of genius (or near at least) occur in the shower!

GrannySmithGreen said...

Ahh, a "to-don't list". I wish I had one of those today. I'm rushing around like a mad woman!

You are my "break", dear Tartanscot, from my Sunday frenzy!

Anonymous said...

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