14 May, 2009

"Good, Gracious . . . "

Barbara Barry at Gumps, San Francisco

It is always kind of worrisome to meet someone in person that you've always found to be fascinating.  There's always that nagging fear that they won't live up to your expectations.  Well, I can gladly report that the delightful Barbara Barry is as wonderfully gracious as one would only expect her to be.

She spoke at an event this afternoon at Gumps, in downtown San Francisco, in a marvelous new space highlighting her beautiful furniture, lighting, and table service.  She opened the afternoon with her memories of living in San Francisco and the beginnings of her career in design.

She told of an early job as an interior decorator, but says she always knew that she wanted to design, 'I felt the desire to create a background for living.  These items, the bedding, the china, the furniture have such a profound effect on our lives.'  'Inspire' and 'create' were words that were used often.  When asked by someone in the audience where she finds her inspiration, she replied how deeply she valued her time in silence - a time when she can dream and create.  'There is so much noise, so much to do, in our modern society, when I get home, I need to be quiet, and think.'

So, I'm going to follow her advice, and turn off the computer, and the television, and think.  and dream.

tartanscot in San Francisco, signing off for the evening.

ps.  Ivan, I gave Barbara your greetings and she said to say "hi!" to you as well.


Renee Finberg said...

once again........
the point is driven home to me that 'great designers' are just born into it. their talent.

and,that is excellent advice which i need to take as well.
i am overwhelmed just now....and am having a hard time getting centered.
concentration, has always been a tough one for me.
unless of course, i am hyper concentrating ( in creative mode)

but i need to get there first. right ?


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I have to agree with her advice, 100%!
You know - I've been thinking - I go to a lot of these events too and they're always full of women. Why aren't single men hitting up the design events to find some ladies? lol

katiedid said...

Hi Scot!
Again...another really fun event. Barbara Barry was so lovely, and I was so excited to meet her! I agree with her that time to take care of oneself and just be "quiet" is so important.

It was such fun to get to see you again too! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.TTFN!

Preppy 101 said...

Okay. That is fine. Just as long as you keep blogging!!

columnist said...

I met her here in Bangkok, at the opening of her showroom; well actually, I like to think we opened it together, but that's another story! She is charming, and we had a long chat at the "after opening" party. Wonderfully talented lady, with exquisite taste.

home before dark said...

It's ironic that as a Boomer, I am concerned that younger people seemingly have lost the capacity for solitude. It is in quiet, in dream-like time that we renew our ability to see and to create. Too much stimulation creates nothing but chaos, and I suspect, a great deal of disconnect.

Meade Design Group said...

Thank you very much for giving her my greetings. Mr you just got lots of points and your blog officially has become one of my favourites. Sorry fellow bloggers.

A year ago I was invited to a private dinner with her in Vancouver.

I was all nervous just like you, but it was a great experience for me. I gave her one of my object d'art as a token of appreciation for all the inspiration she has giving me as designer and she was just the must charming host.

I truly enjoyed meeting her and one of the things that really inspired me is that you can have the business mind mixed with the artistic mind and create beauty.


Anonymous said...
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