04 May, 2009

"Objects shouldn't be an affectation . . . "

" . . . They should be in a room because you take pleasure each time you use them."
Alessandra Branca

Those are some wise words.  It almost forces one to look at each item in one's home to see if it meets that simple requirement.  

Clearly Alessandra Branca has taken her own words to heart whilst working on her beautiful pied-a-terre in New York.  I'm loving the clean, bright interiors kicked up with some well placed (and I'm sure, well-loved) red accents.

Here's another view of the striking living room.  On the surface, it seems so simple.  But, look at the balance of patterns and textiles.  I love the careful placement of the contrasting red fabrics and case goods.  I can only image how magical it would be in the evening.

I also love that she took the spare bedroom space and converted it into a much needed and much used library.  So many people are wed to those little descriptions on the blueprints that 'say' how each room is to be used.  I love people that can see outside of THAT box.

And oh my, I love this wonderful outdoor entertaining space . . . lol.  and you know this little oasis would be madly magical for an evening meal with great friends.

"If you don’t love your things, it’s much better to live in a white box."
Alessandra Branca


GrannySmithGreen said...

I can't take my eyes off the lantern! Isn't it striking?

Also, the mantle floral arrangements in the oxblood vases! Ohhh Ahhh!

I love that opening quote. "objects...they should be in a room because you take pleasure each time you use them"

Words to live by.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Dreamy to see all that bold color, isn't it?

Margot said...

Rich, layered and masterful -- the living room window elevation is breathtaking, use of reds (always love her for that), the fabric mix on the library window treatment is gutsy...

thanks for today's treat!

tartanscot said...


speaking of gutsy . . . I think I read that the door to that library is upholstered in the same tartan. damn.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Great observations! In our first little house, Mrs. E. and I turned the tiny guest room into a library (it also had its own bath.) I was in it everyday. Our guests were always pleased with the selection of bedtime reading, too. (A daybed takes up very little room.)

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