26 October, 2012

"Holiday Decorating Contest 2012 . . . "


Just to give you all a little preparation time . . . and maybe help you to focus your thoughts over the next 3 or 4 week . . . we are INDEED having the holiday decorating contest here again this year!  If you're a new reader (or just care to reminisce a little) . . . you can take a look at some of our previous year's winning entries here and here.   And, remember - we try to have a bit of fun too . . . like this . . . or this . . . 

I think we have all our judges lined up . . . and the prizes are lining up as well.  

This will be our third year to host this contest . . . and it's all quite simple . . .  first, decorate your house for the holidays.  We're having three different categories again this year:

1)  Dining Table.  (there's NO better time to entertain than during the holiday season . . . so let's see your best table!)

2)  Christmas Tree.  (I love seeing everyone's creativity each year . . . from classic, traditional trees to amazing flights of fancy . . . !)

3)  Front Door / Exterior.  (I thought we'd add this new category this year . . . just to keep things interesting!)

Once you've photographed your place . . . you just email your pictures in to me . . .

I LOVE that you are all so excited about sharing your celebrations with me . . . and with my readers here at tartanscot . . . I try to post as many of the entries as I can during the several weeks that the contest is going on . . .

And once we reach the deadline for entries - all the images go to our panel of judges!  And I have them make all the tough decisions.  

And then the winners are announced - and the winning images are posted here . . . and prizes will be on their way.

Get thinking,

(all images by Nicolas Smith, from a small party at my own home in 2009.)


Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish said...

What fun ideas!
I can't wait to see all of the various entries!

Have a wonderful weekend,


runwithit said...

So excited for the contest! I viewed last season's video for inspiration and my teenage son overheard the music (All I Want for Christmas). Can you tell me who sings this version? Thanks!

Lee Caroline said...

I've just discovered your blog through a pinterest pin I had pinned ages ago (think we have similar taste)...anyway I would love to share your post with my readers so they may have a chance to discover your blog and enter your Christmas competition. I may even enter myself but I am way over in New Zealand and that unfortnately seems to rule me out of a lot of contests :(.

I have a weekly post on my blog where I share inspiration from other bloggers and websites, your post would be perfect to share in my next "Inspiration" post if this is ok and I will obviously place a link back to your blog.

I thinks it is great to get readers involved and thinking about what they might do this Christmas, considering it is only about 8 weeks away...eeek! Last year I did a purple theme for my table.

I hope you get a chance to pop over to my blog and take a look, my latest post on sharing inspiration you will find dated 24th October, just beneath my current post.

Oops, forgot to add, I have an interior design blog, but I am not an interior designer, I am an artist and also have a passion for design.

Lee :)

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