14 October, 2012

"Sunday Runway, Buckle Your Seatbelts . . . "


I am off to High Point, North Carolina for Market this weekend - I'm totally excited to see everyone - and to also to see all the new pieces debuting at market this season.

I guess the only thing that I'm kinda sad about is flying.  I mean, don't get me wrong - I love to fly.  But, what I think we've accomplish in advanced technology, we've clearly lost in personal style.

Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley - ready to board. 
Now, truth be told - I almost always travel wearing a sport coat.  Firstly, I do that because I'm in public - and want to present myself well, and the inside coat pockets are the perfect size for boarding passes and luggage claim checks.  But, at times even more importantly - you've got  much better chance of getting an upgrade if you're dressed well!  True.

Now, I'll be the first one to admit that travel these days is purely and, at times, unendingly gruesome.  But, I also know that wearing my favourite socks - or a beloved bow tie - will help to brighten any day.  Even during endless flight delays.

There is a marvelous quote out there (somewhere!) that I can't seem to put my hands on this morning . . . I thought it was Coco Chanel - but, google is not being my friend - so, here goes -

"Presenting our best selves to those we see is a simple courtesy. We should offer our appearance to the world out of respect. "
- someone (possibly me)

Being at High Point, in and of itself, is an endless parade of creativity.  I love seeing each of the showrooms all dressed for the weekend with new products and new ideas.  There are always great lectures and presentations - enough to keep you inspired for months.  And then, seriously, there are some wicked, cool parties.  And so - planning my wardrobe and packing is somewhat of a challenge.

The pace at market is also something of a challenge - and THIS I learned during my last visit - it's a full day.  Every day.  There's no time for a wardrobe change.  Thus - the snappy outfit that you wear to meet friends for breakfast at 9am . . . will most likely be the same clothes that you're wearing that evening at a private dinner.

Cary Grant and Eva Maire Saint . . . prepared for take off. 
So whether you're headed to High Point, North Carolina this weekend or not . . . I say we start a revolution . . . and start dressing up for air travel.  Is anybody with me ?!?!?!??

Now - because I'm traveling - you can always keep up with me on twitter, facebook, or follow me on instagram (@ScotMeachamWood).  I'll endeavor to keep snapping pictures of new products and old friends!

Now Boarding,


Bruce Barone said...

Yes, I am.

And when you say "But, I also know that wearing my favourite socks - or a beloved bow tie - will help to brighten any day." This, too, helps to brighten our days.

Have fun at High Point.

I am home in Western Massachusetts.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

I'm with you and I always dress my children nicely to fly as well. Hope to cross paths with you in High Point.

dannie said...

I couldn't agree more about dressing well when you fly. I feel that you have to be active in your decision to enjoy flying these days. Dress well (and comfortably--the two aren't mutually exclusive), be INCREDIBLY patient, be ready to smile, have something to read that you are really looking forward to and plan for a tasty drink or two!

Have you read DaniBP Mop Philosopher's opinion on the subject? It is encouraging to know there are many of us out there!

Have a great time at High Point!

Designs By Pinky said...

I SOOOO agree. We have lost our style consciousness, not just for flying. I see people out at the malls, stores, etc. looking like the wrath of God! The last time I flew we had a small delay so the 3 of us went to get a bite to eat. The lady who sat us said to me, "OH! You look so nice, like a movie star":):):) Just because I had on noce pants, boots and jacket!!!! Come on peole, let's get our style back!!! (sorry for the rant:):):)

Anonymous said...

It is astonishing how we now travel in "Inner Slobbovia" (Al Capp)!

And even in lovely resorts (as in the one I live in) people are out to dinner in cargo shorts and flip-flops and those gross athletic shoes!
I have to wear blinders!

Thank God for chic people like you and your fans!

Merlin said...

You know, I ALWAYS "dress up" for flying! I do it for me. ENJOY HPNC!! franki

Annette said...

I agree with you completely regarding dressing when flying -- I do it for me as it adds to the excitement of arriving to a new destination, and I admit to enjoying the courteousness of sometimes having my luggage carried for me by an appreciative gentleman.

Squeak said...

I just came back from a mini-vacation in my favourite big city. Last night I went out to a nice restaurant for dinner - something I haven't done for years. I was shocked at how people were dressed. Jeans, t-shirts, sweat pants, yoga pants, flip-flops ... Yuck!

If I ever fly again (I haven't flown since 1999), I'll be sure to dress up!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! It is a miracle that "squeak" (who has not flown for14 years or something) did not die of a heart attack when she saw what other travelers are wearing!

Do any of you brilliant tastemakers (and all of you design bloggers who have such great taste.....have any ideas about this? Is there a way to inspire people to dress better? I truly believe success comes along with "better behavior"! And I believe better dress inspires better behavior!

Any suggestions?

Am I the oldest one here???

I need some suggestions from geezers with wonderful taste!




Reggie Darling said...

I always wear a sport jacket when flying. And trousers, and good leather shoes, such as loafers or Belgians, that I can slip off and on while going through security. I always carry a plastic shoe horn with me when flying, a give-away from Gucci, that I use. People look at me like I'm insane when they see me using it. Oh, and I always wear socks, too, since the thought of walking in the airport security section barefoot is enough to make me heave. Reggie

Anonymous said...

Thank you , Reggie Darling.

Please when you are flying somewhere notify me! I will probably want to go there! (I won't bother you; I can just fly back on the same plane!) YIKES!!!

No kidding with the socks.....! "Athlete's foot" will be the least of it!

when the "shoe removal" was in it's beginning phase; my 6 year old granddaughter was required to remove her shoes......in front of me. I was not.
Sheesh! This is not security that makes any sense.

I am turning into a "cranky old bat"; and will seek some psychotherapy to see if I can go through airplane hell again! Honestly; this is something that keeps getting worse!

ps Reggie......I think it is a compliment now when people look at you like you are insane in just about every venue!
What a wonder!

Pigtown*Design said...

i always dress up when flying. it's just as easy to wear a skirt and sweater as anything sloppy. i was flying to london a few years ago, and three of us were bumped from our flight. the two of us who were dressed nicely were upgraded to first class and the other one, in sweats and a t-shirt, wasn't.

Merlin said...

Tobi is just tops!!! I so enjoy her blog! franki

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