07 October, 2012

"Sunday Runway - Fall at Ralph Lauren . . . "

Fall Windows. 
Ralph Lauren, New York City


Just wanted to share a few (well, kind of a lot of) images from the time I spent in New York last month . . . and the great Fall windows at the two Ralph Lauren stores on Madison @72nd.  The men's windows on the east side of the street - and the women's windows in the newer store on the west side of Madison.  Olives.  Tweeds.  Hunting parties.  Warm plaids.  And a bit of clever window design as well. 

The Men's window at 867 Madison were classic Fall hunting windows.
Lushly layered.  Dramatic lighting.  All good. 

The Women's windows across the street at 888 Madison had a slightly more intriguing story to tell. 

The pieces are all from the Fall 2012 Collection line.  
I have images of the original runway show here.

It's not unusual for the window themes of the two store to be completely unrelated -
but, having both stores awash in tweeds and plaids made a really big impact! 

The ladies windows had a little more of a story to tell -
because instead of simply setting the scene in a decaying fall garden,
the windows seem to be set on a theatrical stage representing a fall garden . . . .
heightening the 'theatre' of the outfits . . . 
rigging ropes are clearly evident . . .
and the space is lit from vintage stage-set lighting fixtures . . . 

The lighting throughout was incredible.
Dark and moody - but, with the clothes brightly lit . . . and the set behind them
just drifting off into a dark fall sky. 

I especially loved this little side window on 72nd Street.
She's clearly waiting 'backstage' - the space filled with theatre props 
and stage lighting.  And I love the theatrical painted canvas backdrops
used in all of the ladies window.
Well done. 


(all photography, Scot Meacham Wood for Tartanscot)


Squeak said...

I love Ralph Lauren's designs! He seems to be one of the few designers who (a) makes clothes that people can actually wear in real life (i.e. to the office, to a restaurant, out shopping, etc.) and (b) makes Fall clothes in Fall colours. I have a really hard time getting excited about coral, mauve or aqua in the Fall. I just love seeing colours like rust, olive, plum and oxblood and fabrics like tweeds and plaids when the weather is cool.

Gorgeous pictures! Thank you!

The-Countrypolitan said...

Ralph Lauren obviously surrounds himself with great talent...!

I'm loving those wide leg pants...

The enchanted home said...

Only one word....genius. Never ceases to blow me away.

April Elizabeth said...

I love this post Scot. There is something so magical to me about these department store windows. You can feel a story coming out them. I never get tired of looking at the wonders that are created & you always give us the best to look at. I had not seen these Ralph Lauren fashions for woman. It is a very nice fall collection. Stunning presentation!

Unknown said...

Just what we needed a breath of Fall air...love RL he defines it all for us so perfectly.

Merlin said...

This man (company) "rocks my spirit!!" franki

Thomas said...

Surprisingly I saw they were changing all the windows again last night.

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