09 October, 2012

"With Both Hands and a Map . . . "


An evening of surfing around the internet has yielded this!  The artwork of Elisabeth Lecourt using the medium of folded paper.  And it seemed too cool not to share.

Enjoy . . .



cindy said...

Fascinating...I always admire the patience of anyone that creates this type of art!

An Urban Cottage said...

These are VERY cool! Thanks for sharing them.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Steve and Cindy -

Glad you like these little wonders. Ya olde interwebs so often just seem to foist the same old things . . . I thought I HAD to share when I found something THIS cool.


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


I too saw these on Pinterest and found them fascinating! Art is everywhere.

Thank you for sharing.

As a fellow plaid lover I wanted to let you know that in the $1 section of Michaels they have some great plaid notebooks, wrapping paper, pencils, etc for Christmas.


Carol@HouseandHomeDefined.com said...

Now that goes beyond creative artwork. Fabulous!

The enchanted home said...

Simply amazing I am floored by the creativity and inspriation behind such works of art. wow!!

Ann said...

Wonderful! Take a peak sometime at the scissors + paper rock blog--Amazing, stellar objects from paper.

5th and State said...

hi scott

just returning from a london stint. one of my favorites at the battersea antique show was this artist, i took all the photo's i could. isn't she fabulous?

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