28 October, 2012

"Sunday Runway - Bearded . . . "


Just to mix things up around here a little bit . . . I thought we might spend a Sunday every now and again taking a closer look at not just the 'fashion' of men's fashion . . . but, also a bit about the industry as well.  So . . . let's begin our conversation with 'the beard that launched a thousand advertising campaigns.'

Tom Bull, on the runway for Michael Bastian, Fall 2012.

Tom, on the runway for Michael Bastian.  Spring 2013

Despite his incredible success . . . Australian-born Tom Bull is only in his early 20's - in a world where most menswear models only begin to get major work after they've turned 30.  Because . . . in a calculated move . . . Tom stopped shaving.

And thus began his trademark beard.  It immediately gave his blue-eyed, boy-next-door appearance a bit more maturity - and also helped him to become a recognizable figure in the world for men's fashion.

Tom in Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Holiday 2011

Tom in Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Spring 2012

With major runways shows for Michael Bastian . . . and photo shoots for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, and Hugo Boss . . .

Tom Bull, on set for a Hugo Boss photo shoot.

As with so many models (both men and women), it's rare when one begins to notice the character wearing the clothes . . . so keep an eye out for the 'bearded one.'  In spite of his youth . . . he seems to have an amazing future ahead of him.



Susie said...

Scott, The boy is hot...as for beards, trim those stray ones keep the beard reasonably short. But then why cover a gorgeous face? Smiles, Susie

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

Voting "No" on the beard. Why hide a good thing?

Merlin said...

"Grrrrr!" That's as in grrreat! franki

Lori said...

I usually don't do facial hair (no pun intended) but holy hotness, the dude is workin it. I saw a guy on the train the other day with this type of beard/'tashe arrangement and it got my attention. It looks hip, scholarly and kind of Renaissance all at the same time.

Reggie Darling said...

Wow! No, make the double wow!! -- Reggie

Anonymous said...

Love the look of a beard, but wouldnt want to get cozy with it.
Me sees a similarity in looks between your photo on top and the model below.

Jeannine520 said...

Facial hair on men is usually a big no-no for me but I do believe I'd have to make an exception for Tom! :-)

vignette design said...

OMG! Gorgeous. Tom is working that beard and I'm loving it!

Connie said...
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Connie said...
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