29 May, 2012

"Happy Birthday To You . . . "


I had the great pleasure over the holiday weekend of having a front row seat for the parade of ships celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We were out on the bay for about 3 hours - welcoming the USS Nimitz as it sailed under the bridge around 1pm on Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy . . .

Heading out towards the Golden Gate Bridge . . .  

. . . and what a sight it was.  The gray morning was just beginning to yield way to a gloriously bright afternoon . . . but, the bridge looks amazing in any weather! 

The USS Nimitz . . . and her full compliment of crew standing on deck to greet us . . . just entering the San Francisco Bay.

My great friend Stacy was able to join us for our little jaunt . . . 

Heading back into the harbor - after a great afternoon . . . 

So after our adventures on the water . . . and a late lunch (and, frankly, a quick nap!), we headed out again.  But, this time by land.  Hiking up into the woods in the Presidio to see the celebratory fireworks Sunday evening for the bridge's 75th birthday. 

You can just make out the shape of the south tower (just to the left of the fireworks)

The spectacle included flood lights . . . as well as fireworks launched from a barge moving through the bay. 

All in all . . . an amazing day.  Fire and water.  Sun and moon.  And good friends completing a great day.


(all photography, Scot Meacham Wood for Tartanscot)


Bruce Barone said...


The French Tangerine said...

What a magical experience!

Bubble and Squeak said...

What a great way to spend the afternoon! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Belle de Ville said...

What an fantastic event. Isn't seeing the crew lined up on the ship amazing?
BTW, I love your friend's blue and red jacket!

The enchanted home said...

Fun!! Looks like a fun time and in one of my favorite cities to boot. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I have a great photo of service men in the '50s on a ship going under the bridge - wish I had it at my fingertips to send to you now. My father-in-law took it as he was headed to Korea. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing! Donna Washburn

Scribbler said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. It seems like you gave us a ringside seat. The Nimitz looks like quite an impressive spectacle.

Unknown said...

Having had that amazing bridge as a backdrop to my first real home....I am wishing I could have been there for it's 75th! I adore how you spent the day and got chills when I saw the photo of the Nimitz crew lining the upper deck. Now, THAT'S a moment!!!

Loved seeing you again this year in NYC. I'll be keeping my eyes out for Ronda's new book!!

xo Elizabeth

mikky said...

Looks like a fun day on the water. btw love your friend Stacy`s coat.
Thanks for sharing these pics.


Garden, Home and Party said...

What a beautiful set of images and what a great way to celebrate the birthday of the bridge as well as Memorial Day. Wow.

Chez Laurel said...

Great shots! We were wondering where the Nimitz was yesterday, when we were on base at her new home port in Everett, Washington. You look so stylish, happy and relaxed out on the water. Thanks for sharing this beautiful day with us.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

What a fun day! xx

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