"Sunday Runway, RL Collection 2012 . . . "


To say that it all seemed to 'simply float by' is somewhat of an understatement!  Just like a sudden spring shower of charmeuse, printed chiffon, and feathers . . . all in a palette of pastels that at times felt like a hazy recollection of a long-forgotten era . . . gracious.  graceful.  and glamorous.  For me, Ralph Lauren's dreamy collection fro Spring 2012  was one of the highlights of fashion week last week.

Here's a few of my favourite ensembles from the show . . .

Ralph Lauren - accepting his ovation after the show 

Oh, the grand "Daisy Buchanan-ness of it all" . . .



The ladies don't look very happy to be there, though, do they? Always think the shoes must be too tight or something...
I think this is exquisite but then again I would expect nothing less from Ralph...a true genius. I love his elegant clothes and everything for the home, even his runways are gorgeous!!!! Love this collection, a bit of a throwback, so elegant and refined and fresh.
Kathysue said…
So elegant and vintage in feel. Although it feels so current, leave it to Mr. Lauren to do a perfect collection. He is genius, Kathysue
Claudia Juestel said…
Dreamy indeed. I love the silver and cream! Ralph Lauren really knows how to interpret the best of vintage.

Did you remember all the times at RL? Reminded me of when the new stuff came in, and we got our wardrobes updated.... Seems like forever ago. Ralph still rocks.
Karena said…
Stunning, dreamy, elegant, ethereal, I agree completely Scot!


Art by Karena
Vickie H. said…
NOBODY does it like RALPH!!! NOBODY!!
Spockgirl said…
Sigh. Gorgeous line. In particular, the white double-breasted pinstripe suit and the pink silk charmeuse gown.
Ian Lea said…
Hi Scot

Been following your site for a while. Pleased to see you like tartan as much as we do. We are based in the UK and have a small luxury interior furnishings company.

Take a look when you have a moment. Let us know what you think.

stunning but then again i see RL as the standard bearer of great design.
love his use of cloches, such a flattering hat style
Jennifer said…
classic, sleek, unique....oh, to be able to wear just one!
the ladies are very beautiful and the dress collection is very nice...

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