"SMW. In the Kitchen . . . "


You will all know exactly what I mean.  It's happened to each of us.  You're just home from a long, hard workout on Saturday morning.  After a quick impromptu picnic with friends.  Maybe still a little high on the endorphin rush from a long run on the beach.  And also, maybe a little too much coffee.

So after walking into the kitchen to put the day's mail away.  You re-organize the little area where the mail is kept.

And after dropping a bill on the floor, you glance over and see that a few of the larger serving pieces have drifted from their usual places on the open shelving.

Oh, and that silver could use a quick polish.  And wow, what if you hung this little picture right here?  You've always needed a little something there.

And then - it's two and a half hours later.  Still in your workout clothes.  Un-showered.  And, besides making a fresh pot of coffee, you've moved almost everything in the kitchen.

And then - to celebrate - you take pictures!

yeah, you know exactly what I mean . . .



Unknown said…
One day you need to publish a floor plan of your wonderful home! And yes, that was me on Sat. I confess. And you know, somehow I thought the changing of the seasons would be enough of an excuse to do all that rearranging. What alot of lovely things to look at in your kitchen! I love collections.
Absolutely gorgeous...are you free on Sat? Haha.....what a charming and beautiful space. The only difference between me and you? You wear your workout gear and actually exercise, I do WEAR my workout gear, but....well, you know, somehow I forget to exercise...lol. Beautiful! The colors are so rich.
Topaz said…
Too true. Except for me, it started with wanting to find someplace to put my keys on the table in the foyer that somehow resulted in rearranging artwork, mirrors and objets from three different rooms and reclaiming some stuff from the garage. Yes, it is a sickness, and I hope I never recover.

I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing with us.
Claudia Juestel said…
I do indeed Scot! Happens all the time, but I should remember to celebrate such times. :) I have no photos to prove my efforts. Great idea!

Your kitchen is a great example of a beautifully designed small space, chic yet practical.


Karen T. said…
I could absolutely hang out in your kitchen for coffee, tea, or just some good conversation! Good and timely post because you've given me a few ideas for my own kitchen.
Anonymous said…
LOL - At least it's your workout clothes and not your PJs because that is how my Saturdays turn out most often.
vignette design said…
I love your kitchen! The way you've displayed all your gorgeous dishes, and oh the antlers. The rug....All of it. It's so wonderful. I'm so close to taking a sledge hammer to my countertops and ripping out my stove!
Anonymous said…
I am so there! I just feel sorry for those who do not have ADD!

They miss this whole experience!
However; we do need them!

the accountants, the managers, the bankers, the statisticians......we love them and need them.

They have no idea what on earth you are talking about! but, they probably aren't reading this blog anyway!

Brilliant! LOVE your kitchen! (I could honestly rearrange for 10 hours or so if no one else was home.....and think it was an hour!)

Don't forget! ADD is a gift!

Never believe otherwise!
diane said…
That hanging bulb light fixture is delicious!
Vickie H. said…
Yep! Love it ALL! Every tiny and beautiful square inch!!!
Karen said…
LOL! Have we met, you know me so well! I can't tell you the numbers of times I've done just what you described. Usually that results in some of my most creative/best decorating moments.
Very fun. Your kitchen looks fantastic, good job.
imperiojp said…
I am moving in with you
Toni said…
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Yes! I do know what you mean, maby not the workout....hummmm:)
You have a wonderful kitchen.
Susie Q said…
I have said it before but OH how I love your style, your look, every single space in your home. *sigh*
Now come do mine...*grin*
So warm, wonderful and welcoming...just like you.
What an adorable little kitchen! I love it! And, I am so glad there are those of us who clearly feel less isn't necessarily more. Tired of minimalism...give me "stuff". Shiree'
Great post! Yummy kitchen! So funny, that is exactly how it happens. One Saturday Jennings and another friend were hanging out and Jennings looked around and said, "you know, this bugs me." And they proceeded to completely rearrange my living room. I must say, it was an interesting experience to be on the other end of the design process.
Hahaha ..I wonder.. were we separated at birth ?? Crikey this sounds very familiar :)
have a fabulous weekend.The workout certainly apid of as far as your kitchen is conecerned ....
AlwaysMe said…
Love it all! The extra large cutting board, the trim on the curtains, the skirt with the ribbon trim, the tartan, the English portraits in black and white. So warm, cozy and elegant.
awesome lighting and color combination is very beautiful......
YONKS said…
I am your newest UK follower.
I have included some of your lovely pics on my latest post with a link to your site. Hope you like and you don't mind. In hindsight I should have asked first. Sorry! Hope it brings some more followers.
Love your blog
pve design said…
I will now look at my metal metro shelf in an entirely new light. But first a cup of coffee is in order.
You inspire me as well as make me smile. Finding humor in daily existence is key. Hoarding is an art.
Beautiful work! I adore your unique style and am very thankful for all your inspirational sharing!
Keep on doing this, por favor;-)
Ps: on my Blog I wore a tartan tie some days ago!
Only by your inspiration!;)

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