"Sunday Runway, Neither Paper Nor Plastic . . . "


A big part of my day is the endless lugging around of the numerous bits of paper and fabric required for most any meeting I'm involved with.  Workroom quotes.  Textile samples.  Wood finishes.  As well as my trusty tape measure and digital camera.  

So as we approach Labor Day - let's talk about the "work bag."

The ever-swank Nick Wooster.

From Ralph Lauren . . . 

Stephan Hilpond, for Citizen Couture

From The Sartorialist.
So I'm always on the lookout for a messenger bag.  Or a briefcase.  Or some sort of carry-all.   And the sad truth is that I have an every-growing collection of bags at this point.  Here's a peek at a few of my favourites . . .

My go-to bag.  From Paul Smith. 
A recent addition. A great Union Jack bag from Barbour.

A great vintage bag - that I actually found at a flea market.
And my newest addition - a great wool tweed messenger bag - just waiting for a change in the weather . . . 


Wow! They're all fabulous- but I love the Paul Smith best of all!!
Unknown said…
How fun and so appropriate for you. I have a great bag I've had for years, but always seem to end up with multiple showroom bags full of stuff. Love your stylish selections above.
quintessence said…
Love them all but think the Barbour and new tweed are my faves. Remember the old Abercrombie & Fitch one? I had one for years - a real classic!!
Eiresicilia said…
Truman's work bag looks perfect with the easy access style of a traditional physician's bag.
Sallie said…
I love the Paul Smith bag!!!! It is fantastic!!!!
Anonymous said…
All of your bags are tres chic! As are you! I just have to believe the guy in the Bermudas with the patchwork madras jacket lives in Bermuda. Please......or where did he find the patchwork madras jacket?? I saw them when I was in "prep school.......hell in the mid sixties!) I was from Southern California! sent to the "East"

I am a decorator. My go to bag....and a different one for each client (lots of extra bags these days) LL Bean
those ones. all the samples and stuff in a separate bag.

IN the "good old days"........7 or 8!!! Now very happy to have 3 and you can wash them and air dry!

Love love love your blog! Carry on!!!
Anonymous said…
(Oh! First of all.....fab picture of Truman Capote in the beginning........Thrilling....I adored him.......)

what I meant to say is that (the bags are the same....natural with navy trim) each client has his/her own bag in my office. So the lady with the French house has her own bag! Not to be mixed up with the bachelor and his tweed library!!
pve design said…
I am on the hunt for an attache case for my husband. His old one had to retire due to a broken hinge and years of wear. He loves that square mad men look.
They are harder to find and I keep trying to persuade him to cross over to a bag. Love your collection.

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