01 September, 2011

"You Have a Message . . . "


(text message from my beau, 5:43pm)  "whatcha doin' tonight?  working?"
(text message in return, 5:46pm) "nope.  just getting ready to head home.  what's up?"
(response from my beau, 5:58pm)  "The Philadelphia Story.  Castro Theater.  7pm."
(text message in return, 5:59) "I'm in!"
(response from my beau, 6:01) "meet me for a pre-movie burger in ten minutes?"
(text message in return, 6:02) "be right there!"

Sometimes life is just that easy.  And sometimes the best evenings are those that happen spontaneously.  Watching Katherine Hepburn set the screen ablaze.  Seeing Cary Grant never look better.  Hearing James Stewart warble away . . .

One of the all-time best love triangles.  Cary Grant.  Katherine Hepburn.  And James Stewart.

And a parade of amazing gown - designed by Adrian for the film

And the best part of watching movies at the Castro Theater -
the organ concert to precedes each film.  Love it. 
what's YOUR favourite Katherine Hepburn movie?



Karena said...

A fabulous theater venue! Also a favorite movie of mine, of course almost anything with these amazing, never to be replaced actors!

Art by Karena

Carl said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening.

pretty pink tulips said...

I love that you got to enjoy a classic, in an idyllic setting and that the evening came together so effortlessly. That's when you know what you're doing is exactly where you should be!!!

xo Elizabeth

D.B. said...

I just watched this last weekend! WONDERFUL! How great to see it on the big screen!!! This is definitely my favorite hepburn movie. Of course, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is a close second.

Ideezine said...

Sometimes it just works out so perfectly you could not have planned it. This time was it I bet the burger was so yummy! Love the clothes so much more fitted and elegant and gracious.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Speaking of costumes - I've always though it interesting how Grecian (and kinda god-like) so many of Katherine's costumes were. Reinforcing the idea of her aloof-ness.

And that amazing wedding dress that practically has a breast-plate on it.

Great film!

Merlin said...

It has to be "African Queen." We just saw "the boat" on our way to Key West....rather sad....franki

Maureen @ Modecor said...

What a great, spontaneous evening you two had...very envious. They sure don't make movies like these any more. African Queen gets my vote, but The Rainmaker is way up there as well. The second I see a boxed set of Kate Hepburn Classics...they will be mine.

Deb's mind said...

Hmmmmm....there were so many good ones. Maybe Adams Rib but African Queen is right up there. Now if you would have asked what is your favorite quote of Katharine Hepburns' I got that one for certain it would be "If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun" Isn't that the truth!!!

Paisley Curtain said...

I love every Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant movie. I adore them to the extent I have their framed pictures in my study.
Kate's "Philadelphia Story" or "On Golden Pond" can turn any evening into a wonderful evening.

shiree segerstrom said...

Scot, I am in too! Where can I rent it? Carey Grant's biography was a great read incidentally. Shiree'

Wasp Decor said...

I loved On Golden Pond. I thought it was her best acting of all. "Listen to me mistah, you're my night in shining armor and don't you forget it.."; amazing in her delivery of those lines.
I also loved the movie for the camp decor. I spend, and still do, summers in a camp in Maine and that movie just touched me deeply. Ugh, ...I could go on and on...

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