"Love, Love, Love . . . "


It's always one of the first signs of Fall . . . no, not the fact that it's Labor Day this weekend . . . but, the fact that Ralph Lauren has launched the Fall Home Collections . . . . like this beauty - The Brookfield Collection.  A mass of tweed, leathers, and plaids . . . just perfect for your little manse in the woods!



Paisley Curtain said…
Ralph lauren collections are amazing, I too wait for the arrival of his home collections.
Every collection he brings, is different yet have a signature of his style. Be it La Boheme or The Brookfield Collection, they are all very classy and classic. RL is a great fashion designer but I think he is a great interior designer too.
Jeannine 520 said…
I fell in love with that couch the moment I saw it. RL definitely has mastered that masculine luxe/casual look that I love. Another piece I'm goofy about is the Cannes Gueridon table, I'll eventually justify it's purchase!
I love love love it too!!!!!! Just spectacular with a fitting name, Brookfield collection. This picture is a total keeper..magnificent!
Gerry said…
Love it too! A room that looks warm, liveable and rich. So much more welcoming than all that scratchy looking burlap that is going around.
Perfectly put together as every RL projects. I can see you sitting in this room...
Outside of furnishings which is a given, he is so aware what paintings do to an interior, something many interior designers overlook.
Merlin said…
Lauren the perfect! This room is perfection! How does he do it?!? franki
Maison de lin said…
This room is just perfect, This is a work of a master.

Gorgeous RL room. So subtle and classic. Shiree'
Anonymous said…
He is a master. My theory is that he studied and studied and studied the interiors in the "old-fashioned houses" through books and movies......he has a photographic memory; and he envisioned his own life living in those rooms....and gardens. I consider him a total genius....who has surrounded himself with geniuses and people who actually grew up in those places with that taste and style. He never goes too far with the "showy". The guy is a gift. He has spread good taste all over. I am proud he is an American. And, apparently, a very nice guy!!

Aren't we lucky???
Thanks for featuring him!!!

I actually bought a tie in the mid-sixties when I was in college; at USC, for my boyfriend, on Rodeo Drive.......it was wide.........I thought it was so cool.......(I forget the name of the store)......it was the first thing he did......ties. wide and wonderful.....in Beverly Hills.

What a great American success story!! thanks for such a great story !!! Such a great blog post!!
Deborah said…
This is JUST my style!! Absolutely love it.

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