"Fevered Ramblings . . . "

"The Unmade Bed"
by Imogen Cunningham


If by chance you haven't as of yet heard, I've spent the last several days in bed with some manner of illness - or possibly exhaustion - or more likely, both . . . lol. And historically, a few days of fever always tend to illuminate one of my design quandaries. But, this time I couldn't find that kind of focus - it seemed much more stream of consciousness, more free formed . . . so, follow along - if you dare . . . .

No. Wait a minute. That's not right . . . .

That's more like it - I was in my bed with a newly shipped copy of The Tudors (season three - Jane Seymour and Anne of Cleves). It magically (well, not really magically, I had ordered it from Amazon) arrived on Wednesday and has been my almost constant companion for several days . . . I would awake from a light sleep to a vast panoply of political intrigue with murders and beheadings abounding.

Which, of course, made me think about the "Tudor Galleries" at the National Portrait Gallery in London. A huge collection of portraits, organized chronologically, so one experiences the evolution of art, politics, literature and history - all in one afternoon. I believe that I've wandered through this gallery on each and every trip I've ever made to London. The place is absolutely magical.

I remembered seeing press that one of the newest acquisitions at the gallery being a recent portrait of Princes William and Harry by Nicola Philipps. I find the contrast of rigid formality with the casual posture of youth gives the piece great energy.

Does anyone else recall the rumour-mill running amuck several months back that there might be an announcement from Buckingham Palace on June 3rd or 4th regarding the possible wedding of Prince William? Well, it seems that both dates have passed - and no news as of yet. Though, I guess, my invitation could come in the mail over the weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Maybe I should get a canopy bed . . .

Or a dog . . .

Wait - did I leave the burner on when I made that last pot of tea ? ? ?

Or I could just add to my collection of bed linens . . . Sferra has some lovely things . . .

Or maybe something sexy and monogrammed from Leontine Linens . . .

Or, conversely, instead of opening the computer to shop - I could open that very same aforementioned computer - and just start writing again.

Taking the last few weeks away from the blog has been a needed respite . . . but frankly, I've missed it. So as my fever weakens . . . my resolve to start blogging returns . . .

And I'm starving . . .


Gina said…
Dear tartanscot, you must be feeling a little better because "you are starving". Glad you are back (sort of), we have missed you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Bill said…
My first visit. You had me with the mention of The Tudors, my absolute favorite show -- spellbinding and beautiful. Loved all the images you chose to share with us. Glad you're feeling better!

Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements
Anonymous said…
fever jungle dreams. inspire. create. be well Scotty man.
after an almost comically pitiful workout this morning - I'm actually feeling much better . . . thank you for all of your sweet comments!
Karena said…
Scot,We all need a break. You will be back at it soon!!

Art by Karena
Linda Merrill said…
Feel better Scot!

Thanks. Feeling ever so much better today.
Claudia Juestel said…
Although fevers seem to spur your creativity, I am glad you are feeling better, and I look forward to sharing the stage with you on Tuesday.


P.S. You should have a canopy bed AND and a Scottie.

Can't WAIT for Tuesday . . . we're going to have a great time on the panel!

excited -
Reynolds Still said…
Get to feeling better friend. I am missing your incredible blog stories!

Best regards,
hilarious ramblings and what does it say about me that i understood, agreed, and followed along with no problem.
random thoughts back at you;
-get a dog, always healing
-canopy bed, yes, the tudors would
-splurge on all the best linens, life is too short!
-hmmmm....too bad, my invite arrived weeks ago
Olive said…
Just found you today! Wonderful find. I am feeling unwell myself and wish you feel better. Thanks bunches for the pics.

Nicola said…
Darling Scot,

As the fever lifts (ever inspired as it were!) The only place to go for breaking and official palace news is my longtime favorite, 'Royalty Monthly'
These lay strewn around my family's home growing up like People magazine. Three Cheers!

You must subscribe, the calendar section alone will give you see and be seen stops of all the Royals on tour. (Another Fortnum & Mason grand opening for Camilla?)


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