"Design, in Flight . . . "


My sweet friend, and amazing designer, Benjamin Dhong just sent the most exquisite images of his room at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase - and I just HAD to share them. His space was in this marvelously tiny room up on the third floor, with beautiful views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge . . . and a wonderfully intricate roof line of slopping eaves and dormer windows. He was "inspired a chic Parisian garret," and the idea of "flight."

Let me introduce you to . . .

"The Aerie"
- a meditation on winged flight -

Beauty, by reflection.

"What could be more wing like than winged victory?
She’s perfectly placed in the dormer window and looks
like she just flew into to room. It’s quite dramatic and
it takes the room to another level."

I'll have to admit, I actually missed one of the best aspects of the room the first time I visited - and frankly, I was on the press tour, and the room was incredibly busy. But on my next visit, during a quiet weekday, I saw it - and it's truly breathtaking. First click on the image above. Then slightly *blur* your eyes.

"To make the room cozy and nest like, we commissioned
decorative painter Linda Horning to paint the most subtle chalky
mural all around the walls and ceiling. You’re sitting under a
canopy of trees…. in the fog. The effect is totally serene
and hypnotic. Restrained and subtle. People’s jaws
drop when they enter the room."
-Benjamin Dhong

And I so love the addition of the Arne Jacobsen egg chair to the room, covered
in a cut velvet from Manuel Canovas. Adding a strong, iconic piece of modern
furniture gives the classic space a great energy. And, for me, it also recalls that image of
being enclosed within wings.

and in what might be the most perfect piece of music to accompany this 'room in flight' . . .

"Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine" by Eric Whitacre.
(seriously, @5:50 second - it's actually flight set to music . . . chilling)


for more information on Benjamin's amazing work, click here.


Linda Merrill said…
Yes, that room is to die. And the egg chair - you're so right about the feel of wings folding in and the Winged Victory offers the explosive outward movement - wow.
Unknown said…
Now if you close your eyes you can hear the flutter of wings...perfect! Great is an understatement.

Anonymous said…
Oh I love that room, it's so eye poppingly glamorous, Aunt Mame for 2010!
D.B. said…
This is amazing!! Thank you for showing this.
Beryn said…
It's one of the rooms from that fabulous house that stays in your memory because of its eclectic combination of pieces that was put together so masterfully. Kudos!
Karena said…
It is fabulous Scot!!!I love the art it is divine, and those wall!

Art by Karena
The room had a very romantic feel in perhaps a more masculine fashion. Well done Benjamin.


Ruby said…
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Ruby said…
Just discovered your blog off a blog posted by Tobi, so very glad that I did! What a nice escape this post was.
It's gorgeous! I love it and would love to have that room to come home to every day. What a talented designer!

I love your blog
Gorgeous...the paint treatment, furniture selection, color palette...everything is just right. It makes my blood pressure go down, just looking at the photos. Thanks for sharing!
Ben's room was divine....just as he and you are!
Both the music and the room sent chills up my spine...inspirational in every way.

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