"Go Forth and Garden . . . "


- Just a quick "hi" during my vacation . . . and a little something
to spur your creativity - as summer approaches. -

For me, nothing says gracious living more than a beautifully appointed garden shed! Maybe it's the ideal spot to arrange the flowers you've gathered from your cutting garden. Or maybe it serves as the perfect place to keep all of the tools and accoutrement needed to tend your garden. Or even the perfect place to entertain on a warm summer's evening . . .

And one of my all-time favourite garden buildings, the outdoor
pavilion of the ever-gracious Michael Devine.



I keep all my gardening equipment in the garage. I may need to rethink that!
La Maison Fou said…
Oh these are fab! Thanks for the green inspiration. MUCH NEEDED HERE THIS WEEK.
Anonymous said…
Oh I'd love to have the first one kitted out as a bar; it's wasted on pots!
vignette design said…
Loved every image! Hope you're having a great time!
Uncle Beefy said…
Okay... these are all lovely but that top photo made me gasp with joy! I mean, seriously?!! Mmm, mmm... good! :)
my garden is my therapy! love these images.

If I had a garden shed like that first one, I'd take my tea there and never get around to potting! Shiree'
Unknown said…
Beautiful sheds and even green houses are perfect think tanks for blogging, drawing, sketching, and brain storming ideas. They're magic in motion in the garden.

vicki archer said…
In my dreams....I am stuck at trying to create the beautiful garden! xv
I so enjoyed these pictures! Thank you for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Such a lovely blog.


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