"Delicious . . . "


Style. Costumes. Sets. Drama. Cuisine. Tilda. Swinton. All combine to create a feast of almost overwhelming emotions.

I am simply in love with "lo sono l'amore" or "I Am Love."

The Cast of "I Am Love"

I saw the film on a magical Sunday evening last weekend here in my beloved San Francisco. It tells the story of the complex relationships and family pressures of an affluent Italian family - as seen through the eyes of the matriarch, a Russian beauty married into this Milanese family, portrayed by the almost alarmingly luminous Tidla Swinton.

Check through your local papers - and you might need to seek it out . . . it is well worth the work. Equal parts heart-wrenching melodrama / design porn / food porn / and a breathtaking film score (from opera composer John Adams).

And to whet you appetite, here's a peek :

Has anyone else had a chance to see this? I'm curious of your thoughts on the film . . .

bon appetit,


Jeannine 520 said…
I haven't seen it yet but I've been waiting for it! I'm here in the bay area so I'll check it out this weekend. Thanks for the reminder.
And the good news is - it's playing at the Kabuki! So you can have a drink whilst you watch!

Karena said…
Haven't however now cannot wait. My kind of movie!

Art by Karena
Anonymous said…
Not yet but I'm very excited about the clothes and interiors - yeah I don't get out much.
Ann Marie said…
Yes, saw it on Tuesday (in Washington DC). I was so taken by how visual it was....the juxtapositions and the different camera works....and the music!!! paired with each. Every visual choice communicated the feeling of the film...the house, the lettering used for the credits, the clothes, etc. Divine!!!
Thank you for pointing this one out, I love the trailer, I'll certainly try to see it. I really like Tilda Swinton and her special kind of beauty.
I saw it this weekend and LOVED it. the most DRAMATICLY breathtaking score (literally) which really made the movie.
Ironic you mention this film. I was going to download it last Friday. Well, now I know what I will be watching this weekend! Gracious, like you said, the design, the clothing, etc.! Pure eye candy!

Happy Independence Day!
M.A said…
It looks amazing, can't wait to see it.
Dennis said…
Saw it opening day. Anyone who loves design will love this film. Tilda Swinton's performance is magical. It's a completely luxurious escape from reality. Love love love this film.
Anonymous said…
I saw it two months ago at the Film Festival in Winston-Salem. It's the kind of film that stays with you, haunts your memory, leaves your wondering about the future of the characters. Swinton, as usual, is wonderful!
I may try and see it again over the holiday weekend - you're right! I does 'stay with you' and might warrant a second viewing . . .
Thank you for the heads up! I wasn't aware of the film, but since I know I can't resist Tilda Swinton...it's run, don't walk to see this film!


David @ Ashfield Hansen Design
LadyeLisa said…
I'd kinda wondered about this film since the reviews weren't very complimentary. I'll go with your review & put it on my "yes" list. Sounds fascinating.
Sarah Greenman said…
I can't wait to see it!
SaffronMarigold said…
With such lovely reviews, can't wait to see it.
I can't wait to see it. It looks beyond delicious. Thanks for the tip...I put it on my list! Lidy
rikshaw design said…
saw it and i agree withyou about the music..made the flic..plus i want her sunglasses!with that wicker on teh side..off to search for those..she has never looked prettier
I have seen it twice, in Milan in April and in Vancouver later on. A stunner! I wrote a post on it before even seeing it and I have a post on Villa Necchi, which I visited many times.I just found this post of yours browsing your blog!

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