"Teal, and Turquoise, and Gold-Oh, My . . ."

Greetings all,

Inspiration can come from almost anywhere. And rarely comes when one demands that it appear. It's best to just keep one's eyes open. Just after the beginning of the year, I had the overwhelming urge to move into a new place. It was almost overwhelming. The need for a new challenge. A new space to create.

But then, I had an even better idea - because I love my little flat out by the beach. So instead of packing and moving across the city - I want to take the next few months and re-create my existing space that I already love so much.

But first, on a tangentially related topic . . . Isaac Mizrahi for Fall 2010. This week was the Fall 2010 Fashion Week in New York - with each of the major designers presenting their personal vision for the coming season - yes, I know it's February and the 'coming season' is next fall - but, it's the fashion industry. They need some lead-time. lol.

Isaac Mizrahi. Fall 2010.
(Click here to see the entire show)

Breathtaking. The evening wear portion of the show actually took place in an on-stage snowfall. Beautiful metallics, lush cashmeres, and wonderful hand-beading. It was magical.
And I love this specific image. The cool, reserved blue lighting. The great contrast of textures.
Glamorous. Theatrical. Luxurious.
(all words I really love.)

This gown actually closed the show. I love the architecture of the bodice, and that enormous frothy skirt . . . the unabashed romance of the dress just appeals to me.
And the burnished gold against the blue is marvelous.

There's been a great deal of 'chatter' about the great coming of 'turquoise' for 2010.
And I'm thinking I might end up being a part of it.
That being said, I've never been a huge fan of following specific design trends. I put more faith in my own internal compass. And the investments we make in our homes so often outlive the time frame of any trend- But, with the same reasoning that I wouldn't slavishly follow a trend, I'm also not going to ignore something that truly appeals to me - just because it's the new 'hot' colour.

And because I found this - Tea Party from Jim Thompson.
And I'm totally in love. 100% linen. I was a little concerned about the 'hand' of the fabric - but, I tossed the memo-sample in with my wash the other day - and it popped out of the dryer feeling amazing. So I'm going to pre-wash all the yardage before sending it to my workroom.

" Yay! "

(not my chair.
and not really my style.
but, damn, I'm really loving this fabric!)

And a little more colour inspiration.
A new set of antique plates that I bought last weekend here in San Francisco.

I'm beginning to play with ideas.
And I think I might be onto something.
I'll keep you informed of the progress.

Plotting madly,


Karena said…
Oh I think you are onto something. I using turquoise sparingly. In special touches, pillows, etc.Oh also in my paintings. The fish plates are beautiful!

M said…
Yes, turquoise in general and "Tea Party" in particular. Excellent taste (as always)!
Do keep us posted on what you end up doing with the new color scheme.
Have a good weekend.
Oh, how I would love to come play with you! These color have always been a longtime love of mine and are incorporated, in mostly small doses, throughtout my home.

I actually think it is one of the most versatile colors to work with. And, if you think of the many historical references on homes and architecture this color is prevalent. It a classic with broad appeal in both tradtional and modern settings.

Loving your sections! Thanks for such wonderful inspiration.
Dragonfly said…
Turquoise, Teal and Aqua have been my favorite colors for the last 15 years. I don't know why I love them so much but they always seem like the most beautiful colors to me. I am simply attracted to them. Your fabric combination is beautiful. I love the way you've added the tartan plaid to the grouping--it gives it some bite!
Dumbwit Tellher said…
Great design advice for us regarding not always giving into the trends but not ignoring them either if they are colors we have long admired. The Thompson 'Tea Party' linen is gorgeous as well as those antique plates. I would of snapped those up in a flash as well. Looking forward to more progress.

I kinda HAVE to add some tartan in - if only for my own sanity . . . lol. In some ways it still feels a little flat - but, I've working a few decorative ideas to make it exciting.

Unknown said…
Love all that.
I actually posted the same bedroom, since I am contemplating the sorry state of my own...
I did my family room in turquoise last year and I am in love with that fresh colour forever!
Anonymous said…
It is useful to try everything in practise anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)
Gwen Driscoll said…
I just LOVE those fish plates. They are amazing. I've got lots of blue in my world, different shades as accents. It works even though I wouldn't consider myself a blue person. So glad to know I'm on trend (not really a trender to be honest) so I'm with you, go with what you love.

It's funny - I'm not much of a blue person either . . . lol - it's going to be great fun!

love your ideas for that scheme! Hope it's been a great weekend.
Love it all...and those plates!!!!
katiedid said…
Oh Scot!
I am going to be sitting on pins and needles til I see your "new" place! And the plates! LOVE!
I have to forewarn you that I'm not a designer, so my opinion has no clout. But I am not in love with the rug choice, so it will be fun when you put it all together to see how it turns out. Love the toile and the fact that you will throw in the tartan. Will you reconsider the rug for maybe a natural weave (i.e. sisal, sea grass...)? :)
Hey Pebble . . .

Don't fret - the rug is the perfect combination of colour and pattern for the space - it was a splurge purchase last year - and in fact, was the inspiration for the entire new colour palette.

thanks for stopping by,
Cashon&Co said…
I love Austrian Fish Plates....And that second gown was UH-MAZ-ING. I like how it all came together in the end. lovely!
I can't wait to see it. I am sure you will make it look fabulous!!!

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