"Julia and Julia . . . "

Greetings all,

I'm just kinda feeling the need for something 'spiritual' this evening. It's been a tough day - and two more long days before the weekend sets in. So when in doubt - and in need of one of those elusive 'ahhhhhh's' that get you through the day - I'm turning to the sublime Julia Morgan.

But, not the exalted spaces of Hearst Castle. Tonight, I need something more grounded.

Something more intimate.

More organic.

More personal . . . .

Merrill Hall. the interior.

This is a lesser known Morgan project - The Asilomar Conference Center - just outside of Monterey on the California coastline. Building began in 1913 on a space for the YWCA to hold their annual conference - and the California coastline was chosen for its breathtaking beauty. And even better - Julia Morgan was chosen as the architect - to create these breathtaking Arts and Crafts structures.

Merrill Hall. from the exterior.

"in 1913, the YWCA® held a contest to name their new property on the Monterey Peninsula. They received hundreds of entries.

The winning name came from a Stanford University student, Helen Salisbury, who made up the word Asilomar, derived from the Spanish words "asilo" meaning retreat or refuge, and "mar," meaning sea, hence "refuge-by-the-sea."

Ahhhhhh. I know these steps so well. They lead down to the ocean. The perfect place to take a deep breath. to press 're-set.' And prepare to start fresh with the new day.



Indeed, it is quite beautiful and serene.
Unknown said…
Just gorgeous. When I was in school we decorated the Julia Morgan home in downtown Sacramento, for the Christmas holiday in 1999. I just loved the details, the elegance, and the grandeur. It is owned by CSUS and is no longer available for events. They just don't make homes like that anymore!

Wow. What a great opportunity! Her spaces are so beautifully detailed.
Trouvais said…
I've stayed in one of Asilomar's tiny cottages...charming (but not Morgan designed!)and a great deal. Also stayed at the family "ranch" house at Hearst Castle. Enormous, imposing family portraits, lots of dark red velvet. Somewhere I have my tiny middle school snap shots of the grand tour of the castle. I still remember the incredible ceilings and that blue and gold tiled interior pool! Trish
Karena said…
I love both, Hearst Castle and the Asilimar Would love to stay at the latter!!
Pigtown*Design said…
When I was in Wales, the castle where I worked was owned by Hearst. Everyone knows about San Simeon, but no one knows about St. Donat's.
beachbungalow8 said…
I need an Asilomar. Serene and strong. the perfect place to chillllllll

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