"Raising the Roof . . . "


There are several things that should be noted in short order here. Firstly, 'yay!' - it's finally the weekend. Secondly, the I'm-going-to-completely-redesign-my-house project is humming away at full speed. Tons of decisions made this week - very excited.

Most recently, I had kind of a tumble this morning (at 7:24am) while at bootcamp and kinda messed up my left shoulder. It was all quite humiliating. I was doing pull-ups. Then, ever so suddenly, I was holding my shoulder - and swearing like a sailor. Big thanks to all of our trainers for taking care of me . . . and for their quick response.

Rustic. Modern. and clearly comfortable.

Well, what you might ask does any of this have to do with my little design blog? Well - I promised myself that I would finish blogging before I took my next pain pill - and, well - I would really like to take one right now . . .

So . . . before I drift off to blissful, numb slumber . . . something comforting. something warm and welcoming. And maybe something with some exposed rafters . . .

Seriously, HOW fantastic are these barn conversions from the New York design firm Carrier and Company? I love the mass of the space . . . and the perfect colours.


Some detail images.

Love. Love. Love. The exact place to spend a relaxing weekend.

And - speaking of curled up in the bed . . . I'm going to do just that very thing.
Tomorrow morning is an early wake-up for a rehearsal for my next chamber concert.

Already blogging from bed,


It's a long story, but I lived in a former barn for seven years. While it was an adventure, it was also really hard to keep warm. I always wished it would look something like those pictures. My ex still lives there. Oh well.

Take care of that shoulder ~ rest and be good to yourself.
happy, painless dreams of rafters and cozy spaces
PS; i let tommy imagine we did get in trouble, don't blow my cover :-)
@Debra - done and done. I'll see if I can photo-shop up some mug-shot photos . . . lol . . .
Karena said…
I love the barn makeovers, wonderful details , great images, thanks Scot!
Feel better soon!

La Maison Fou said…
Loads and loads of restful sleep,
a good way to get some rest, but hope your shoulder mends quickly.
Blessings and thoughts of a quick recovery,
Mrs. Blandings said…
Great images. Now rest. Really.
I hope you are feeling better today. Love Carrier and Co's work. Aren't they fantastic?
Oh yes, what lovely beds to spend a rainy weekend in! Hoping your shoulder doesn't give you too much trouble. Nice work being at bootcamp so early in the morn!

Gwen Driscoll said…
I hope you feel better! Yikes. These images are beautiful and perfect for my farm. We have a barn we intend to create a habitat in some day some way. Straight into the archives these go.

Hope you have a great weekend.

beachbungalow8 said…
ooh, these shots have such a great elegant, gentleman's counry house feel. Poor guy, feel better with that shoulder.

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