15 February, 2010

"Gotta get shopping . . . "

Fall 2010

Good morning all,

Just a quick update on the "I-have-got-to-get-some-sleep" project for this weekend - this morning my eyes awoke to see that it was 10am. 10am! I haven't slept this late in ages. But, even in my sleep-addled state I had to see if the shots from Michael Bastian's men's show had been posted yet.

During the show Sunday night, I was reading post by Brad Goreski on twitter - and he shared a few fuzzy action shots from the collection. And as soon as I saw those fuchsia corduroys, I knew I HAD to see the whole show. Besides, I have always loved Michael's line.

I first met Michael when he worked for Ralph Lauren years and years ago - before becoming Director of Men's Fashion at Bergdorf Goodman - before starting his own label in 2006. Michael always had such great style! And his clothing line reflects a strong sense of clean-cut, American fashion - mixed with a desire for modern cuts and beautiful textiles.

"We were always talking about things we couldn't find. Chinos,
the perfect skinny button down, the perfect V-neck.
All those classic American things that
you feel are out there - but really aren't."

great trim-cut flannels, classic camel blazer, and tartan footwear. yay.

For the Fall 2010 show from Sunday night - he seems to have gone a bit edgier - and, for me, it gives the collection that same creative energy that residential designers Eric Cohler and Jamie Drake spoke about last week. Letting the contrasts between preppy American and edgier urban style work with each other. And creating something that feels fresh - but still wearable.


Really love.

And seriously, I have to send Michael a present for this one. Not many menswear
designers can send a kilt down the runway.

If Michael's name sound familiar to you - I might be because I featured his apartment several months ago. Have a look.

Well, since the "sleep-in" project went SO well this morning - I'm going to take a stab at the "let's-do-laundry!" project. lol.


all images from GQ.com


Chateaux Interiors said...

Wow..thanks for posting! I too follow Brad and was very excited to see some of his shots....the whole line is completely off the hook!

Chateaux Interiors

Agoura Antique Mart said...

Love the use of stripes. Love the looks! Maria

La Maison Fou said...

Great looks here; So creative and fresh!
Luv it luv it; and those pink trousers! Aaahhh.....
Nice pants!
Thanks for sharing!

ZoeB said...

Nice Kilt but I thought nothing was supposed to be worn underneath one!

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