07 July, 2009

"Some Lantern Envy . . . "

Greetings all, For some odd reason - I just seem to love lanterns. I won't try to explain it. I'm not sure I could explain it even if I tried . . . lol. The above lantern, and the wonderful library that it reigns over, is from the East Hampton home of PR powerhouse Scott Currie and is yet another inspiring article from the latest edition of Elle Decor. I'm also loving those bright chinoiserie-styled chairs giving the room some punch.
Scott Currie. Relaxing by the pool.
Yay. Another room - this time the living room - and another antique lantern (a find from the Paris flea market). Once again, I love the use of the bright fresh colours paired with the more sedate furnishings. Oh my. A quick trip out to the back deck for an al fresco dinner, and yay, more lantern (from Beall & Bell) illuminations.
The master bedroom is all its casual glory. The collection includes that handsome antique bed, simple burlap drapes (with grosgrain trim), and yet another charming fixture.
Entryway. Another lantern.


LadyeLisa said...

What a great use of different lanterns throughout this home. Really like the bamboo shades in many of the windows! The burlap curtains . . . texture, weight, simple and gorgeous! Lovely post!

Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

Right there with you and your lantern envy. How many tear sheets and online photos have I saved? A zillion. How many times have I tried to get clients to use them? A few. Do I finally have a salvaged one sitting in my own house waiting to be installed? Yes!

Paul Pincus said...

gosh, the scott currie editorial is gorgeous.

the master bedroom is very handsome.

margot said...

I share your lantern devotion! These pics are so inspiring -- My fave lantern is the one in the third pic. I also love in pics 1, 3 and 6 how the trim is painted a different darker colour. This is something I've been seeing more and more and thinking of doing. Do you have any other inspiration shots of this treatment? I'd love to see. Sort of a historical approach but it also seems quite a fresh idea right now.

Anyhoo, funny story about the lantern I used in the kitchen in my weekend place. When it was published in the mag I work for, I saw some web chatter about it and someone said they thought the lantern was way too big for the room. I laughed and thought to myself "Dumbass, that's the whole point and it's called playing with scale." I didn't bother replying...sigh. Here's what it looks like:

Alicia said...

Sounds like Joni has another brain mulling from her post of the other day!!!

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