01 July, 2009

"A Balancing Act . . . "

Good morning,

I can still remember the first time that I stepped into the amazing home of the amazing Monelle Totah. It was a bright morning, with the sun pouring through the huge windows, and unfolding before my eyes was the most soothing, and yet vibrant, home I'd seen in ages. When she told me that her place was being photographed for Elle Decor - I was SO excited!

Her style might be deceptively simple. Beautiful antiques. Yards and yards of white linen. The 'ping' of polished chrome. But, look again - further. Notice the pitch-perfect balance of proportions. The multiple shades of white. The results of years of collecting.

In the dining room, I love the great contrast between the rough texture of the dhurrie rug and the crisp white of the table linens. And the coolness of the wall colour balanced with the warmth of the rush-seated antique chairs and sideboard. But, speaking about those 'simple' gray walls - "the walls were painted five times to achieve the perfect hue."

A charming office nook. Perfection.

The master bedroom resonates with a soothing calmness. And I love the gold accents highlighted in the space. And, yay, for the charming antique chandelier.

"In her sitting room—'a little cave where I can curl up and read'—she has placed some of her favorite and most colorful paintings, which appear to pop off the pale walls. The pink and orange depicted in a dancer’s tulle are echoed in the coral cashmere throw and pillows on the antique English campaign chair, while the blue in a canvas of kitchen tools is picked up in an adjacent stack of books." . . . M. Totah

Off to work,


Preppy 101 said...

Again, thanks for sharing! Have a great day!!

Meade Design Group said...

That is a beautiful home - you can see the attention to detail everywhere - I love the white on white effect.

Anonymous said...

My word. What a fresh, crisp, inviting settings. I just want to fall into those photos!

katiedid said...

When I read about her, I was wondering if you might know her!

Have a Happy 4th Scot!

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