"Out in the Yard . . . "

Greetings all,

Whew, it's been a crazy, busy week . . . but, it is so important to recognize that we all need some good pampering every now and again - finding those special treats and treasures to make your day to day life better is of the utmost importance. Wonderful imported teas to start the day. Hand-crafted shoes to meet the pavement. Beautiful pajamas to end the day. and, yay, great potions to stock that tiny shelf in the shower . . .

and for that, one of my all time favourites : Neal's Yard Remedies.

For all of your pampering needs. Skin care. Hair care. Wonderful body scrubs.

Face scrubs. Essential oils. Shower gels. Hand care.

Stop by and have a look around . . . and tell them tartanscot sent you . . . lol. And have a great weekend.


Dumbwit Tellher said…
Thanks for the tip Tartan Scott. From packaging alone & love them. Will stop in & take a peek.
La Maison Fou said…
Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. What a wonderful thing! Love the site & their wares!
Pigtown*Design said…
Neal's Yard is great!
Before moving to San Francisco, I lived in London for almost 13 years... my friends and I would often go to Neal's Yard in Covent Garden.... However, since I've left there's another fabulous store which has opened in Covent Garden which I think you might also like... it's called the Cow Shed. You can get a mani/pedi and they used all old fashioned things like old enamel bowls to soak your feet, etc.. and their products have the best names - e.g., shower gel to wake you up in the morning is called "lazy cow" and lip balm is called "lippy cow".... thought you might be interested.



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