30 July, 2009

"The New Antiquarians . . . "

Sean Crowley and Meredith Modzelewski

While flipping (or whatever the laptop equivalent is . . . lol) through the New York Times this morning, I ran across this marvelous article that sent my pulse racing.  Since I share that love of all things "club insignia, taxidermy, and  ancestral portrait," I find these whimsical spaces so intriguing. 

The link between Mr. Crowley's objects and his impulse to acquire them them isn't nostalgia, he said.  "It's the draw of authenticity."

 just absolutely wonderful.  
and you just know that there's a great story 
behind each and every item . . . lol.


GrannySmithGreen said...

Oooohhhhh, the "draw of authenticity". How great is that!

(Still reeling from the trumpets yesterday! : ))

Pigtown*Design said...

And great pictures of fellow bloggers Porter & Holister Hovey!

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