"Pale and Dramatic . . . "

Greetings all,

Just over the Golden Gate Bridge . . . hang a right . . . then take a left . . . and in about 90 minutes you can be in the wonderful Napa Valley region. And in the middle of the valley is the adorable town of St. Helena. And in the middle of St. Helena is the very clever, and wonderfully talented Erin Martin Design firm.

such a simple colour story. such amazing textures.

love, love, love the light fixtures in the master bath.

still loving the simplicity and the warm dark floors.

and who wouldn't have the sweetest of dreams in this cozy little nook.

For more information on Erin Martin, click here.


I love pale and dramatic interiors...it seems like there are fewer in the magazines these days, almost as if the editors are tired of the pale and want to bring on the color.
Scott Fazzini said…
The way that they've installed the sconces in the bathroom makes me weep.... perfection!
Loving the bedside table in the cozy little nook - what is that?
Blue Muse said…
I so long for that nook - and everything in that lovely room! Ahhh.
xo isa
What caught my eye are the various light fixtures... floor lamps in the living room,chandelier in living room, bookcase lighting, and the master bath fixtures... and the rectangular coffee table in the living room-drool!
northsidefour said…
And what is the name of the wonderful shop, as I remember near the far end of the town as you are coming from SF, huge and full of the most amazing things?
Michelle said…
I love the chandelier and the light pouring into the sleeping nook...just gorgeous!!

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