"Designing Your Holidays - the Party Pictures . . . "

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Well I guess after weeks of chatting on and on about our Designing Your Holidays, with Scot Meacham Wood event here at the Kravet Showroom in San Francisco last week - I really want to share some of the great images of the evening, as well as my memories of the night.  

So (as a wise and delightfully musical nun once said,) let's start at the very beginning.  A very good place to start.

The whole gang.  (from the left)  Maria Angelo and Rhonda Hirata (from the San Francsico Design Center), yours truly (decked out in buffalo-plaid),  and from the Kravet SF Showroom - Beverly, Nick, Sara, Leslie, and Lisa Davis (the showroom manager), with Pat McIntosh of Lulalina (Custom Greetings and Invitations). 

And what's a holiday party without the guys behind the bar . . . from Tonic Beverage Catering

Or the carolers by the front door . . .
(All members of the San Francsico Concert Chorale)
And what's a great party without GREAT guests . . . 

Whitney Riter with Kelly Stucker (from CA Home+Design Magazine, a co-sponsor of the event)

Rhonda (from the SF Design Center) greeting Crystal Gentilello (of Rue Magazine)

Ursula Kloeters , Ann Davies, and Dana Walsh 

Stephanie Rodriguez, Seana Stockton, and Sara Cortez
Me with Kelly Campisi-Farwell

Michelle Ruiz (of the blog ModinaMichelle), Lisa Davis (from Kravet), and Rhonda Hirata (SF Design Center)

Holiday table settings from Ralph Lauren.

And from William Sonoma.

And beautiful Hermes table service from Gump's San Francsico.
After 20 or 30 minutes of chatting, touring the showroom, and getting everyone seated and ready - Off we went . . . traveling through from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve in record time. 

First, we worked to plan the perfect guest list.

With a couple of good giggles along the way.  Nothing makes a better evening than some good ole laughter! 

Then Pat McIntosh (of Lulalina) shared her insights and inspirations for making customized invitations.

Then some tips for getting the house ready - as I fashioned a Thanksgiving wreath using one of those sad, plastic wreath-forms as its base.  

Success.  All the while trying to keep everyone entertained.

Chase from Tonic - working his magic to concoct some amazing custom cocktails . . . 

And finally, back to me - sharing my thoughts for creating an exciting menu for your next cocktail party.
(I'll be sharing more of my ideas here at Tartanscot over the next few weeks!)

And then it was 'goodnight' to all the assembled guest.  With gift-bags.  And chocolate.  

And a very special 'thank you' to Lisa Davis at Kravet San Francisco.  We've been plotting this evening for months - and she's been a great resource - as well as a good sounding board - as the evening came together.

All photography by Kirsten Clarke.


It looks like a fabulous event and that wreath is perfection. Who cares what you serve with those beautiful place settings...they would make anything taste more delicious!
Splendid Sass said…
Thank you for sharing, Scot. Appears everyone had a wonderful time. Everything is beautiful, especially the table settings. Love the wreath. Wow, you worked magic on that form!
I just featured that exact same gorgeous Hermes china in my latest post. I'm besotted with it.
Vickie H. said…
Oh...what I wouldn't give.....! I have no doubt it was a great, fun evening!!!
nancy evars said…
fabulous event! and we tried out the "thanksgiving stuffing" cocktail sat night--big, big hit. thanks!
Anonymous said…
It was an awesome event! Kudos!
that is such a great event!:D
Merlin said…
Puts me in a holiday mood!!! The Ralph Lauren setting..GORGEOUS! franki
Karen said…
What great table settings. Very inspirational and just in time for T-day.

zkgraff said…
Congratulations Scot on what looks like a stellar event!
It is looking cool...i hope everyone had a fabulous time... thanks for sharing with me...

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