28 July, 2011

"With a Laser-Like Focus . . . "

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One of the most amazing aspects of design these days is the almost un-ending variety of products and inspirations readily available on the market these days.  If you're a fan of clean, modern lines - there are a plethora of options of you.  If you lean more towards lush European design, you have numerous choices.

And I guess my thoughts keep turning towards the dark, mysterious concept of 'design trends.'  What are the current trends?  Should you follow them?  Or should you avoid them like poison oak along a hiking trail? (Can you tell I was hiking in Marin County over the weekend? lol)

Jonathan Adler, New York NY 

No matter what aesthetic you're drawn to - whatever it might be - it's all waiting for you at the end of a quick google search - or a quick call to your personal interior designer.  As someone that spends a goodly amount of my workday shopping for that *perfect* item - we designers love 'the hunt.'  But, I'm always amazed - when I start looking for something specific (antique books on French history or brightly coloured broadloom for a custom entry runner) - the market seems to be flooded with them.

Is it a trend?  Or am I just paying attention . . . 

Ralph Lauren Home, Le Grand Hotel Collection
I remember years ago - on a vacation in London over Christmas - that I wanted to find some simple silver flatware for my dining room.  I didn't care if it all matched.  As long as everything felt good together.  And maybe I could find a piece or two that was monogramed with a "W."

Nick Olsen, for House Beautiful 
(photography by Bjorn Wallander)
Well, once my eyes (and my over-caffeinated brain) had latched onto the idea, it seemed as if ALL of London had been alerted to my search.  Vendors were all brimming with glorious flatware.  I even found several small complete sets with a jaunty "W" emblazoned on them.  And vintage Asprey flatware made with stag horn.  Yes, to say that the day's search was a success is a bit of an understatement.  lol.

Christina Murphy Interior
So - I was sitting with one of my clients - working on a beautiful home here in San Francisco - and the topic of chevron patterned floors arose.  The graphic pattern could be perfect for the house.  Maybe for a rug in the master bedroom.  Or maybe even for an upholstery fabric for the antique chairs in the main living room.

Mary McDonald, Los Angeles
And one simple google search (and a quick Pinterest search) - and the world is almost littered with beautiful examples of chevron patterns.  On floors.  On dressers.  On chairs.  In bathrooms.  In bedrooms.  In kitchens.

Is it just a trend?  Or a classic?  Can you, at the same time, be 'on trend' without being 'trendy?'  Maybe in the end, who cares.  We're using them regardless.  Just as I wouldn't use something *JUST* because it's the hot topics in all the shelter mags - I would also never think of *NOT* using the perfect textile, or bath fixture, or wall finish - just because it is the hot 'darling' of the design crowd.

Trends come and go.  Design is long term.  And you can always buy a great new pair of jeans if you want to stay on trend.  lol.



Jeannine 520 said...

I guess it would depend on the client whether or not trends should be embraced or ignored. For my own house, I've got to avoid them like the poison oak. Perhaps a personality thing? If I were to see in my house what's currently popping up all over blogs and in magazines it would make me really unhappy. Interesting question Scot because now I'm wondering if it's just that clean, bright, light or industrial is just not my thing or if I would ignore the trends even if it turned to my favorites (antique chesterfields, tapestries, leopard skins, taffeta curtains).

The enchanted home said...

I definitely pay attention to them but cannot say that I am necessarily a follower fo them, ONLY if they happen to coincide wtih what I love, then I go for it. I do like the chevron but its soo played out, all the paler woods but thanks to Restoration Hardware the market is saturated with it. In the end, its the classics that stand the test of time, in my book.

Brillante Interiors said...

You said it...we can use trendy items because we love them not because they are trendy.

Would you try to guess my question on my latest post?

Merlin said...

Interesting...but then again, I never thought I'd be a fan of "limey green"...and now I have a painted wall... franki

Vickie H. said...

Love your thought provoking post and all that you share. That client is lucky to have hired you. The flatware treasures you uncovered on your trip sound divine. I can't imagine an evening more enjoyable than one spent dining with you at table in your home in the company of a few of your select friends. When you post with pics about those types of gatherings I enjoy them immensely and wish I could be a fly on the wall. Have a blessed weekend!

Forma Living said...
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Forma Living said...

I agree. Use a trend only when a space calls for it and not because it is a trend. Only danger - when you see something everywhere it's so much easier to be over it!

Linda Pakravan said...

When my clients want something trendy I ask them if they love it because they truly love it, or love it because it is fashionable.

Notes From ABroad said...

I like Chevron in small small doses so a pillow cover that could eventually be changed would work for me. I cannot imagine floors or walls lasting for long with me ...
But aside from that, the first photo made me want to take up my kitchen floor and put in one just like that :)

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