08 July, 2011

"Well-Ordered Perfection . . . "


Just feeling like I'm needing to organize.  Put away.  Place everything back in its appropriate place.  Put things where they go.  Straighten.  Catalogue.  Maybe this weekend I'll finally attack the bookcases in my library.  They could use a few hours of love and attention.

Todd Klein, for House Beautiful
(photography by Simon Watson)

The Home of James Andrew, from The New York Social Diary   (photography by Jeffrey Hirsch)
The Library of Jorge Almada, from Elle Decor
(photography by Simon Upton)

Michael S. Smith, for Elle Decor
(photography by Henry Bourne)

SMW Design, San Francisco Residence
(photography by Nicolas Smith)

The Home of Ward Denton and Christopher Gardner, from Elle Decor    (photography by Pieter Estersohn 

Ryan Korban New York, NY


Daniel James Shigo said...


While it may sound silly, my life changed after putting up 9 foot tall bookshelves on either side of the fireplace in our modest co-op here in Manhattan. There really is something about order and symmetry that makes the heart sing.

Linda @ a design snack said...

Thank you. I love that "love and attention." Applicable to so many areas of our lives besides organizing.coc

Karen T. said...

The bookcases in that first photo are quite unique!!!

The enchanted home said...

All beautiful but that first picture really blew me away!! Wow- stunning, love books and bookcases and not only in the predictable places. Happy organizing!

Stu said...

I have always wanted a large library and study, great inspiration.

Ms. Smart said...

the secret place beyond the books... ou ah.

yeah, sorting books is fun, relaxing and a good place to process life, what happened, what next and get good ideas. puts one back on track. enjoy your adventure. see ya on the other side.

Linda Ann said...

Scot: That first library that you showed - where is it?
I loved the round'ish "L" section's little jib door.
All the other pictures of the other libraries are just as wonderful, but that first picture is such an attention-grabber.
Best wishes to you.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Karen, Enchanted, and Linda Ann -

That first image has been in my inspirational for ever - not sure where it was resourced from. Sorry!


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