"Friday at the Office . . . "


It actually comes as somewhat of a surprise.  Because I use them all the time.  In several different projects.  But.  Somehow.  In a way that I can't quite get my mind wrapped around -

I don't have any of Suzanne Tucker's amazing textiles in my own home yet.  Lush.  Beautifully coloured.  The perfect balance of a European sensibility and American style.

So - I have a wondrous collection of samples here.  All spread out on my work table.  I took a few home last night - and I'm thinking that the "Fleur de Plume" in Peridot is going to find its way into my living room in the very near future.  Sometimes we all need a new decorative pillow.  Or two.  Or three.



quintessence said…
Beautiful!! Love the coloration - that beautiful green goes with everything!!
Leslie said…
Beautiful, I love them all. I like the diamond shaped fabric on the left as well.
Merlin said…
Gorgeous...but...you know what happens when you get a new pillow or two or three... franki
Grant K. Gibson said…
Suzanne is just THE best! Love her and her fabrics!

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