05 August, 2011

"At the Corner of Ego and Compulsion . . . "

SMW Design.  Marina District, San Francisco  


Okay.  I'll admit it here.  Only because it's a safe space to do so.  "My name is Scot Meacham Wood.  And I google my own name."  Come on.  Admit it.  You do it as well.

But, on a particularly quiet night here at the house - I did a google image search.  And it was kinda fascinating.  There's also a marvelous little tool on 'google image search' in which you can classify and organize pictures by their colour.  You can image search using 'brown.'  Or 'turquoise.'  Or 'orange.'  Seriously, if you're home (and kinda bored), it can be hours of entertainment - lol.

So the other night (in the aforementioned state of being home, and kinda bored) - I was checking to see what was out there on ye olde interwebs - I realized how much 'red' I use in many of my projects.

SMW Design, Atherton California
A beautiful antique lacquer console in the entryway.

Holidays here at the house in 2008
Or a huge arrangement of 8 dozen roses for a party at the house . . . 

SMW Design.  Presidio Heights, San Francisco
A pair of autographed boxing gloves - adding a great personal detail to a living room.

SMW Design. East Hampton, New York
Antique Chinese chests flanking the fireplace in a beach house . . . 

SMW Design.  Lake Tahoe, California
Or classic handkerchief-inspired bedding . . .

Holidays here at the house in 2005
A little ping of red leather paired with items from my collection of tartanware in my bedroom.

SMW Design. Marina District, San Francisco
Or bright red linen dining chairs - lending some vibrancy to a neutral palette . . . 

SMW Deisgn.  Nob Hill, San Francisco 
And walls hung with a classic red tartan paper in a gentlemen's library.

Seeing 'red' - but, in a good way,


Mrs. Blandings said...

Scot - you are red hot. For sure.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Mrs. B.,

Actually, it's just a rash.


Unknown said...

I love that you're "seeing red" so much! Such a powerful, evocative color. Hope you have a Red Letter weekend, Scot!

~ Elizabeth

Vickie H. said...

It is all GLORIOUS!!! I could never tire of looking at those images or yours.

notanymore said...

Love that tartan wallpaper.

The enchanted home said...

Love all the red.....the color of red and I am loving all the spaces above. The lighting by candles makes for such a beautiful and intimate feeling space, and that tartan paper rocks!

Merlin said...

Being an Aries...I gravitate to red. It is just the "way it is" I always end up loving something with red...mostly accents. Wonderful displays! franki

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have a question or two.. if you would be so gracious to indulge this novice. Firstly, I love the room designs and the addition of red, too. There are so many elements I could incorporate in my home even if some of the furnishings are not my style.

As the designer, do you use the clients furnishings... some, all, none?

I was particularly wondering about the chair to the right of the red lacquer console in the entryway. Can you tell me about it? Maker, new, old, etc. I like the painted black furniture... just a few pieces here and there, like my Nichols and Stone rocker my son "found" for me (a real bargain) and my vintage Hitchcock dropleaf table and chairs.

Thanks always for the inspiration... Karen

Anonymous said...

It's okay.....I Google your name a lot too! Beautiful beautiful work!
x Lyn (Lini)

Cathy said...

Just looking for inspiration and found your lovely blog! I have the same RL bedding as the Tahoe bedroom. Love the plaid chairs mixed in! Must be unconscious because after looking around I realized I had a bit of red in every room.

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