03 August, 2011

"Love, Love, Love . . . "

Robin Bell, for House Beautiful
(photography by Christopher Baker)

Just digging around in my old computer files - and came across this one.  I just love this space.  The beautiful volume of the room itself.  The simple, yet dramatic, window treatments.  The roomy seating.  And the colours are just wonderful.



vignette design said...

I think this was formerly Gloria Vanderbilt's house and where Anderson Cooper grew up. I remember that the kitchen from this house really wowed me! It's very bohemian, isn't it? ~Delores

aBroad said...

I do love the colors, the light is so wonderful.

Terry said...

This is wonderful. I want to turn 360 degrees. I think balcony and particularly the cozy space it creates underneath make this room special even if it was empty.

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