"The Man in the Gray Flannel House . . . "

SMW Design, Dining Room


Inspiration comes from everywhere.  And especially from the interior of your closet.  Are you drawn to bright prints in your wardrobe?  Does your interior reflect that?  Is your wardrobe full of neutrals - but with punches of colour?  Do you also see that trend in your home?  Is your closet well organized?  Is your home?

Is your closet filled with classic mens suiting fabrics?  Crisp white shirts?  Beautiful Italian silk ties?  Bespoke English shoes?

Gregory Peck, the original "Man in the Gray Flannel Suit."

SMW Design.  Menswear inspired bedroom in San Francisco.

A great suit, with vintage Ray Bans.

Jon Hamm, from my beloved Mad Men

Ruthie Sommers, from Lonny Magazine.

The super-fabulous Mary McDonald

And speaking of super-fabulous, the always dapper Nick Wooster.

SMW Design, the Dining Banquette.

SMW Design, the Living Room from our Presidio Heights Project

Jenna Lyons, for Living Etc. 

SMW Design, a detail from the Dining Room. 
I also love the fact that several of these chic masculine spaces were designed by women.  And that the project from our studio was designed - not for a bachelor - but, for a young fun-loving couple.



Wood Shelf said…
Love these home interiors. Especially like the design around the fireplace, awesome post.
Great Post and love your interior photos! and so timely... I just bought another tailored white shirt and a wonderful pair of wide leg grey flannel trousers this past weekend... in search of cooler weather to wear them.
Carl said…
I'm officially calling you The Layer King. Great post as usual sir.
Southgate said…
My own bedroom is in desperate need of a redecorating. (Wrong word, actually, as it has never been decorated in the first place.) I keep being drawn to the details and subtle patterns of a great suit...so maybe that should be my inspiration. Adore the Presidio Heights project! I could move right in and feel at home.
Unknown said…
So sophisticated. I love your dramatic flair.
Claudia Juestel said…
I always ask to see my clients' closets. It tells me a lot.

Wonderful interpretations of masculine rooms straight from the closet. Congratulations on a beautiful project Scot.


Karen said…
I love the more tailored, masculine spaces. It appeals to my orderly side.
Great post.
Maison de lin said…

I agree, i,spiration comes from everywher. I love the pic of the chesterfield. There is a little surprise on my blog for you :-)

katiedid said…
Gray flannel...so cozy...but sophisticated at the same time. Love the banquette setting!
Really excellent post. Menswear is such great inspiration. It is natty, sexy, sleek, warm, classic, sophisticated and comfortable, all wrapped up in one. We almost always add some hint of menswear to our interiors. Lately, I've been feeling the urge to do camel hair. Great blog!
A most fascinating group of interiors. I am a woman that finds "feminine" spaces pretty but I really crave "masculine" spaces. I just appreciate that old world, dark, dusty, cigar-ish look. I am working at balancing that so that my own home feels welcoming too.
It really showed the manhood of the owner. The brown motif shows his masculinity and being in control on things. The interior design is so detailed which made it so extravagant.

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