"Love, Love, Love . . . "

Colette van den Thillart, for House and Home
(photography by Chris Tubbs)


Totally loving this little sitting room in the London home of interior designer Colette van den Thillart.  Love the wall colour.  Love the patterned floor covering.  And the combination of traditional and edgy details in the space.



Claudia Fabiana said…
OMG, Scot! I love this room. I think you probably need a pretty bright, sunny room to pull this off, but the wall color and carpet pattern are to die for!

Love it too! So rich and elegant, that paint color on the walls is DEVINE!
Love the wall color and that green on the chair with the walls. perfection.
Anonymous said…
First of all.....is this girl the partner of you know who? Mr. Nicky Haslam???? I think so! did he approve it?

It is very cool. I find it edgy (not a bad thing) I really like everything except....sorry......(John Fowler is spinning in his grave) that his "venetian blind" fabric...(used for roman shades)....".trompe l'oeil venetian blinds" fabric is used on a CHAIR!! (sorry to raise my voice)!!!!

It makes me very, very unhappy to have John Fowler spin in his grave. (I really think he is spinning). He gave us so much. I just hate to see things that would truly offend him.

ps especially since Mr Haslam is living in Mr. Fowler's former house..oh dear!!. Insult to Injury!

Mr Haslam is a completely brilliant beyond decorator. Don't get me wrong. Brilliant.

Who knows? We'll see!

just my opinion!!

Karen T. said…
I love the wall color and how the white makes it pop. Personally, I love the rug and chair; they express the owner's individual style & keeps the room from looking a "cookie cutter".
Colette said…
thank you scott, how delightful to see my living room here! i adore it and it especially pleases at night by candlelight. And Penelopebianchi - you did make me smile... i share your respect for John Fowler - in fact am in the throes of a book on him, dont let us forget that he broke rules consistently and i have oft heard his curtains referred to insultingly as 'ladies panties'. I like your spirit though! x Colette
Karen said…
You consistently find the best rooms to show us. Many of my favorites you've shared are rooms you've designed. Thank you.
AlwaysMe said…
Peacock blue is certainly "The Colour" of the moment, is it not? Very nice.
Anonymous said…
That rug is going to haunt me.....
This is an amazing and inspiring room. I am sorry, but I disagree with Penelope, I think John Fowler his "venetian blind" fabric used on the chair really works !!!
Powerful color combo! Shiree'

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