08 August, 2011

"Sunday Runway, Bow Ties Are Cool . . . "


Simply put.  "Bow ties are cool."  Even the BBC's "Doctor Who" says so.  

Matt Smith, as "Doctor Who" on BBC.
Hackett London

Brad Goreski

From Hackett London
Jon Hamm, from Vanity Fair



Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

The guy in the blue suit with the navy tie....OH HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, bow ties are cool, especially on these guys!!!! Pinky

notanymore said...

Already do. You should consider pictures of bow ties on the ladies. Looks quite smashing.

Alicia said...

Bow ties on fine looking men even better.

The enchanted home said...

LOVE bowties! They are so classic and sharp looking and even the scruffiest looking guy looks instantly transformed with a bow tie!!

Sonny G said...

I love bow ties.. I wear them occasionally on white shirts and suspenders.. and YES I am a girly girl but it makes an adorable outfit:)

loved these pictures.. thanks for sharing.

richardwilkins said...

Yeah! bow ties are actually cool and it makes you look more formal and masculine.

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