03 June, 2009

"Tinkling . . . "

Greetings everyone,

There are a few phrases that always bring a smile to my face. "Oh Scot, everything looks wonderful!" or maybe "We've been talking, and yes, maybe we should increase the budget." or my perennial favourite - "Is there room to add a grand piano?"  I've studied piano for most of my life and almost always end up playing at most parties that I attend.  I find that providing that magical place where music and camaraderie collide to be one of the most delightful elements in any project.

This is on my mind because I spent a goodly portion of my day today working in Berkeley, at a new project, working to find the proper placement for an amazing antique piano.  Luckily, I was paired with some very patient piano movers who would indulge me as we found the 'perfect' place.  

I've been lucky to have several pianos in my design portfolio - like this wonderful instrument - with one of the best views of the San Francisco skyline.

Or this charming 7 foot grand piano overlooking a French inspired home in the Palo Alto area, just south of SF.  I was in the great habit of sitting and playing Chopin etudes when I was working at the house.  It was the perfect way to focus my thoughts.  Ah . . . . . . 

image from House Beautiful
I always find the serpentine shape to be so amazingly graceful.  

and it's always the perfect answer for that expansive bay window, and the polished ebony finish is such a great contrast to almost any colour story.

It can be placed in that odd space in the corner -

Or tucked in the small nook under the stairs.

But most importantly, it can fill a quiet, empty room with the wonder of music.  It can provide hours of entertainment on a lonely afternoon.  Or be the focus of any gathering - as good friends incircle the instrument in the spontaneity of song.  

Music.  Style. and Friendship.  What else can bring all of those elements to one's home?  


Alicia said...

Whoa what a killer, thrilling view!!!! I can imagine a great cocktail party: the night lights of the cityscape twinkling, fighting the tickling of the ivories, each demanding the attention whilst the chit chat bubbles as much as the tonics & champagne. I wonder if Brad Mehldau would play such an intimate a gathering??? And pity Monk is long gone....

Blog Author(s) said...

I was just thinking today about how much I want to add a baby grand to my next house. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these beautiful images. I like your favorite phrases too! Happy Thursday!


Ask Grant about the magical evening in Venice at the Palazzo Mocenigo (former home of Lord Byron)listening to Enrique de Guzman play his Grand while we sipped Champagne and looked out at the Grand Canal

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