25 June, 2009

"Blog Stew . . . "

So, kinda cleaning things up before the weekend - so the contents of my refrigerator are being transformed into a yummy stew . . . and I thought I'd also clean through my random ideas for blog topics and some random thoughts from my day.

Michael Jackson. He provided the great deal of the soundtrack to a great deal of my youth. But, he turned into a strange man as an adult . . . I will never forget his amazing music, but the media frenzy is already getting on my nerves. Farrah, maybe. Michael, no.

Yes, you'll think it's strange (isn't that a line from Evita . . . the mind wanders . . . lol), but whilst at lunch this afternoon, I had an oddly lengthy conversation about my dislike of tomatoes on my hamburgers. Frankly, most restaurant tomatoes are much too soggy to be part of my burger, and I would prefer not to even have them on the plate - because, then you have to put them off to the side, over by the fries - and then THEY get soggy. So no tomatoes, not even on the plate. thank you.

Still working on designing some new furniture - toiled for a while with my upholsterer this morning on a few details as we work on prototypes. More later. (and that's an image I pulled from google - it's not part of my new furniture line - you'll have to wait to see that!)

Yay - we started a new opera tonight for a performance later in the summer. Purcell is SO fun to sing and - double yay - it's in English.

Speaking of opera - Many of you have asked for some pictures from the production I was in a few months ago . . . so - here's a few shots from Rigoletto with SF Lyric Opera. It was set during prohibition in Chicago. Great sets. Great costumes. Great music. Great fun.
(if you're looking for me - bottom right, on the floor - with the hooker, seriously.)

On our way to kidnap the soprano.

And Rigoletto's shameful mocking at the hands of the chorus. It's kinda hard to sing and snarl for 10 minutes straight. lol.

And - what am I up to - triple yay - the big camping, white-water-rafting trip this weekend. Just got a brand new tent . . . can't wait to be up in the woods.



Preppy 101 said...

Well I have finally discovered something that we don't agree on - and I'll give you a huge hint - tent.

No, no camping or white-water rafting for this girl. Give me a luxury condo on the beach and I'm set. The only white water I want to see is the tops of the waves ;-) Have a great weekend!!

Cote de Texas said...

that sofa looks lovely!!!!! wow.

thank you so much for the comment!

Alicia said...

A meaty stew it is. Media onsluaght already boring. Love the sofa, have fun camping, singing Purcell & if they'd use Romas (hardly any seeds) it would be groovy. That sloppy seedy mess is the worst!!
Eat smores & run from the sounds of banjos!!!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

The worst thing is that most restaurants REFRIGERATE their tomatoes -which absolutely ruins them: their texture and taste. Nothing better than a GREAT tomato on a hamburger (or on anything for that matter). Don't refrigerate your tomatoes people!!
PS. hamburgers are my favorite food -especially served with a cold prosecco or sparkling rose -yummy!

Karen said...

I'm hearing you on the Michael Jackson media meltdown. It's sad that anyone dies at the young age of 50 and leaves children behind. But the over the top coverage has baffled me. And sweet Farrah gets a bit of a side note of her passing.

tartanscot said...


I was actually wondering if Farrah's family might be pleased that THEY aren't the focus of the media circus.

tartanscot said...

But I LOVE camping . . . lol. but, please don't think we're 'roughing it' too much. the big group camping also includes two chefs, and an event planner, and three former boy scouts.


done and done.

I'm a huge burger fan - and actually love tomatoes, just don't like them combined . . . lol. and your drink preferences have been noted.

Karen said...

You're right about Farrah's family - give them some peace. Thinking about it, I actually should have said this: that I will miss Farrah much more. No disrespect to the Jackson family intended.

Anonymous said...

The king of pop rock and soul vs. a woman famous for wearing a swimsuit...

No contest.


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